Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Just because you can...

...doesn´t mean you HAVE to=)

Well, what do I speak about? Well, music of course!

If you have learned how to sing properly technically speaking that doesnt mean that you have to "show off" that in each and every song=) Some songs just dont need that...

For me, emotions run music. For me, talent and a feeling in what I sing is MORE important than being able to sing extremely high classical notes and so on.

Sing the songs as they should be with feeling, don´t ruin things to "show off"

My advice and my feelings with music and how I want to have my music.


Love and light and here´s someone who sings with emotions without HIGH classical notes.

ENJOY Melody Gardot, people! so effortless but damn, what a feeling! =)


Carol Misokane said...

Totally agree. And the prove that you're right is that we have many singers around the world whom never ever had technical lessons and sing with all their hearts and they are more beautiful, emotional and amazing than one who had these lessons and want to show it in every verse of the song.
See dearest Sharon from WT, she is one of my favs of all times and she NEVER had lessons, but her heart is in every WT song and that's what makes their songs amazing. Music in my opinion was made first to be felt and then if you're able to, analyse it.
And that is why I love you so much, you sing with technique, but most of all with your heart and soul and that's what really matters in the end.

Love, Carol

Pascal said...

And here I think you are right, even when I myself can´t sing too well, I find it sounds better in general when the singing is directed by emotions. The best classical singing technique loses its worth when the singer doesn´t reach the audience on an emotional level. That´s what makes singing so special to listen to and that´s also what I can feel in your songs all the time :).

I will listen to it later on, but now I wish you a very nice afternoon and hope you have a more beautiful weather than it is in here :).

Lots of love and light also to you!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

you just said my thoughts and deepest feelings.... thank you sweet anette. <3

Amanda Lopes said...

Dearest Anette,

Just ignore the haters. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. Know that you are a very highly talented artist and strong woman, mother of a beautiful family, an inspiration for lots. You touch people with all the emotions you put when you are singing, that is a gift! Know that! And you do have fans who love and support you! The others just need to grow up and get a life! ;-)

I'm loving the outfits! Specially the Boho ones!

Love and light to you!

Have a beautiful night!

Unknown said...

Dear Anette i think I like music very much it is my kind of happiness.I enjoy just listening :) I have yours Cd when you 'll be able to write me an autograph? Thank you so much .:=* Enjoy your day and shine bright .:'=).

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!That's exactly what i think too.I'm a guitar player, and what you say is related to my instrument too.It's okay sometime to show a little tecnique, but it must come out from a feeling of the moment..and a song is not to be seen as a shop window to display ability or speed.
By the way..i've listened to the new Nightwish album..i thought that after Imaginaerum it would be difficult for the band to come out at the same level..but the new songs are really good!Talking about tecnique.Floor Jansen sings very well,perfect pitch singing live almost like she sings on the record..I think she's a nice and smart person too(i've whatched several interviews on you tube)powerful voice, but.....she has not as much personality as you performing the songs.Not so many nuances in the voice like you have,not so much warmth, and sometimes she "olzonises" her way she sings,and she doesn't move so good on the stage..i' now that you are a polite person so you will not comment on that..but that's something i wanted to express to you..:-)All the best!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I read about your exam today in your instagram and I hope it went well :). I keep my fingers crossed! And I also wish you a very good and save travel to Helsinki today.

Have a safe flight and lots of fun there and come back safely!

Lots of hugs, love and light to you :).


Have a feeling this is floor singing.poet. Yes I think she overusing it tbh.. Nothing beats ur voice!! Ur a great inspiration girl. idol and De.positivity of ur blog has helped me through a lottery hard times!