Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Splash of color

Oh, how I love color and especially yellow and green so when I got this lovely painting from Mio´s pre-school today with lovely green I got so happy and isn't he a little artist?=)

And then I found a cute paper box from HEMTEX in yellow for the living room to match the yellow pillows and carpet.

And another cute metal box for our hallway also from HEMTEX

And then I got two lovely soap bottles from LAGERHAUS. They smell so lovely!


Pascal said...

Hi Anette! Before I will rerurn later today to refer to those things you postes in here, I just want to say I`m so sorry that you face so much sh*t and hate at the moment :(. You don`t deserve all of this and now that I read about this new page on your instagram, I just could vomit!! I`m shocked, what is this type of sh*t? Who can be such a f*cking hater? This is so sad and disgusting and a shame for Facebook that they don`t intervene. With that, they indirectly SUPPORT the bullying, because they let it be and I wonder if they are aware of that. I once, more than a year ago, reported a hate page that named you really awful things I don`t really want to mention and FB also didn`t do anything which made me angry. But now, this case, is even worse and they can be ashamed that they support those bullies in a way. Bullying is so awful abd looking away is not much better. Well done Facebook and haters, well done!

Ok... Sorry Anette, it is not my kind to get furious, but too much is too much. I really wih you success that the page can be banned somehow and I want to encourage you to cheer up, even if it`s difficult now. But you and your children are wonderful, you give so much light into this world and nobody, no matter how dark and mean, can ever break this :).

Lots of love, light and comforting hugs and be sure that we in here who follow you will alyways support you!

Pascal said...

Ok, I just reported it, because I hope when there are enough reports, it will lead facebook to finally take action against it. And therefore I also encouraged others on your page to report it, which I hope is in your sense :).

See you later and have a nice day despite this stuff! Lots of hugs, love and light to you :).

Pascal said...

Hi again, Anette!

First of all... wow! Thank you so much for your answer to my comment in your facebook page some minutes ago. It´s so kind of you to take time to answer within all that stuff. Thanks a lot, it made me really proud and happy :).

And I so hope that YOU are happy too, despite what some nasty person said. Always remember that you are stronger as those haters and that there are so many of us who will always give you love, light and our undying support! I just read on your instagram that your sister is here to visit you. That´s nice and I wish you a really beautiful time together :).

As I said already in your facebook after your answer, thank you for always being there and I just hope you stay positive! SHINE and lift your head high... you remember it :). And you and your family are something so wonderful, they can try as they want, they will never ever break it :).

I wish you a good night and lots of hugs, love and light again to you!