Friday, May 22, 2015

Copenhagen fast track

So I was in Copenhagen a fast trip today to do an errand and of course I always have time to run to the stores that for me, are essential when I am there=)

I always look through the luxury windows at ILLUM, such as YVES SAINT LAURENT=) Love their bags!

Then a trip to the DISNEY STORE is necessary for the kids and today I found a super cool hoodie jacket for Nemo on sale and he got so happy!

Next to the DISNEY STORE you find ILLUMS bolighus and they have everything in interior and I love to go there and look. Got us a nice pillow last time I was here.

H&M has a great big store in the middle of STRÖGET where they have H&M Home and since we don't have that at home I always go there to buy stuff. Lovely stuff for a cheap price and I love it!

here´s the pillow cases I got today in yellow=)

Another story we don't have at home is &OTHER STORIES, H&M´S luxury store and they have wonderful jewelleries I love, shoes I love and great nail polish!

AND since I LOVE Starbucks that is a MUST! Sugarfree syrup vanilla lactose free coffee latte is my standard! Hehe!

On the way to the train station BUILD-A-BEAR has a store and today they had these cute MINIONS and I almost got one for Mio=)

To go to Copenhagen for me, takes a little more that 1 hour and its so easy that I could easily see myself work there. I LOVE Copenhagen! So cool people, so cool city and lots of tourists!


Océane said...

OOOOOOHHHHHH minions!!! <3<3<3 I would have buy some for me ahah! I kinda have a Minions collection and im crazy about them :p... and im 25! Oh dear...
On the 8th July the Minion move is release and its been at least 2 years im waiting for it!!!

Anyway, Copenhaguen looks fun ! Im maybe going there in November and if I am, I planned to stay extra days to visit Helsinborg! We should totally catch up and have a coffee somewhere :p

Love and Hugs

Pascal said...

And you are right, shopping is a must in such a big city. I never been to Copenhagen, but want to go there some time :). Looks like a really nice city and the things you got, also like the flowers in the last post, are wonderful. Great that Nemo enjoys his hoodie :). I, as a Star Wars fan, liked especially the picture of the Yoda figure, reminds me of times when I was small :D.

I wish you a really nice day and, as I said in the comment before: SHINE, because you are beautiful and stronger than those who are unkind, bitter and envy :). See all your glory :). You have a lot of it and they can never ever take it away :).

Lots of hugs, love and light to you!

Anonymous said...

If I could go on a shopping spree with anyone it would totally be you! You know how to shop big! :D