Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday music

Love new music I find and this is perfect for me today when I take lots of photos of clothes=) Dancing around to this make me happy!



Tommi said...

Hello Anette!

What you did think about Laura's 'Power of Love' perform?

I think it was awesome and Laura is an international star.

Unknown said...

Hi Tommi,

It was nice but she is only famous in Finland you know=) Take good care!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I listened to a bit of it before and I must say it´s quite different from what I´m used to listen to, BUT it´s nice and good :). I´m always open for new musical experiences and I think you made a good choice here!

I´m happy that you came back safely from Helsinki, so WELCOME BACK and it´s so nice that you had a great party and a good time there :). And I´m happy for you that you, though there were some not so nice experie nces you had to encounter, can look back on it all in all in a positive way as it seems :).