Monday, May 11, 2015

What a nice last evening with TÄHDET TÄHDET=)

What a party and of course, what a lovely final and what a great winner in Waltteri, who is a new star on the Finnish sky=) Always so fun when someone totally unknown get to be a star and his life has for sure changed and will change so much now and I know that feeling=)

We had a BIG after party and I went to sleep at 05 so a bit tired now sitting at the airport with a flight that is delayed all the time. 

The memories I have from this TV-show are great and I will forever have my new-found friends and cherish them and hopefully we can meet again soon!

Photo by Matti Matikainen/

ILTALEHTI made an interview with me and you can read it here:


Anonymous said...

You look stunning! Being in the UK I never saw the show, must find it online...

Unknown said...

Dear Anette i don't have & use so much Facebook account at the moment . I never will..Thank You a lot for such amazing photos .I save them- I like it :) You look amazing .What do you do for loosing weights? I want to lose as-well.:) Happiness are a good and better feelings.Thank You ;) Be glad for who you are and be happy.I like to be happy too.:=).Have a nice day.

Sincerly - Raluca .Lots of love and Shine Bright :=).