Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The most beautiful girl in the world

Yes, I actually feel like I am the prettiest girl in the world when wearing this beautiful dress with such lovely flower print on and silver shoes on my feet. Like a million bucks! 

Clothes can make me feel so pretty and then some outfits just doesn't work. But when you find what works and you feel so pretty - wear it over and over again and I sure will wear these the whole year and I am so happy I finally found these both items in ZARA cause I´ve wanted them for a long time but haven't found them until yesterday=)


Karin said...

That IS the best feeling , and we all are so worth it , once in a while. When you feel beautiful, you become beautiful and you will shine! :) Isn't that so ? :)

Life is good.

Karin said...

Aah , and I forgot ; do you know what my favourite dress is ?
It is that blue Odd Molly dress I bought from you . Was it a year ago? Well anyway..
I like myself when I wear it. I feel beautiful, relaxed, comfortable, a little " girlish" :)
That with some cool leggings and a leatherjacket ; outfit is perfect!
So, thank you for that dear Anette :)

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine likes to say that "clothes are costumes for the spirit" which in this case I think it rather accurate!

Pascal said...

And this outfit is really amazing again! Might be that you had to search for it for long, but it was worth it I think. The dress and shoes fit you very well and great that you finally got this things :).

I wish you a good and restful night now :). Hugs, love and light to you!

linnea-maria said...

Vilken fin klänning! :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I read on your instagram that you are ill since yesterday. I´m so sorry to hear this and wish you to get well really soon again :).

And about movie tips, I don´t know if it would be your thing, but: Fast & The Furious. Lots of action, you know with many car stunts and so on, but something where you don´t have to think so much about the plot, so you can lean back and watch them quite relaxing :).

Eather way, lots of hugs, love light AND health to you and never forget to SHINE :). And I wish you, despite your illness, will have a nice and restful weekend!