Monday, May 04, 2015

In my bathroom

For my new shorter hair I need more products in it and I thought I´d show you what I use.

I use a super leave in product called LIVING PROOF that make my hair smooth as a baby and thats perfect with such a damaged and bleached hair I have now. To give it more volume in the roots I use OSIS dust which is a powder that make it thicker and a bit dirty feeling in the roots.
My favorite hair spray is from KERASTASE. Not to hard but enough to hold my hair all day and then in between my washes I always use my dry shampoo from BATISTE (the one in the photo is Johans for dar hair though=)

Got some new make up products at MAKE UP STORE this weekend and I love them already! 

A lip and eyebrow primer that make the color last for hours, the triple eye brow colors are perfect to make my brows pop and the illuminizer to the right gives the cheeks a beautiful color and glow as a suntanned highlighter.
The pink lipstick is older but still I love it!

Love my perfect eyebrows after painting them and my lips=) Color make me HAPPY!

Kiss and love to you all! 


Anonymous said...

Oh I love your lip stick!
I have one in the same color of the MAC Viva Glam collection! :D
it's the ideal color for this summer!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i don't know if you wanted to have darker hair again, but just in case i have a link for you:
it's owned by a couple of dear friends from switzerland. they are working with plants only, and everything is made in inda, all antural. every people who tried their products said how wonderful they are, giving life back to damaged hair, with a beautiful tone. but since it's made with plants like henné and indigo, it's only on the darker side. the lightes one is "blond cuivré"... but knowing how lovely you could look with darker hair, the "brun clair" would be lovely for you. :) you'll found every informations you need on their website, and you could contact them if needed, just say you're one of my friend... :)
hugs & love <3

Karin said...

Hey, I've never used eyebrow-colours. I just pick my brows and use a pencil, to get them a little bit darker.
Is there any chance you can show how to use those colours... ? To give some inspiration :)

Njuuut av våren Anette: det är en sådan ljuvlig tid!
Är du påväg till " Hesa" i helgen? Till finalsändningen?

Pascal said...

Well, I´m not an expert on such things, but what I can say is that the make up looks really nice on you and those pictures of yours are truely funny and cute.

The same back to you and it´s nice to see you so happy on this pictures :).

Unknown said...

Loooovely make up!! <3