Friday, May 01, 2015

Perfect breakfast

I love a nice and healthy breakfast and with protein since I do cross fit which is a very intense and hard workout. Sugarfree quark is great for this and I always add some nuts, come sugar free sauce, fruit or berries and sometimes some dark chocolate buttons=)

Here´s yesterdays yummie breakfast before hitting the gym!

Sugarfree raspberry quark, bananas, dark chocolate buttons, sugar free chocolate sauce and almond flakes.

Candles from IKEA

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Pascal said...

And this looks really yummy and fits to the fact that I, on wednesday, had to do a presentation about proteins in chemistry in school :). I have to try this recipe, thanks for it! Ah, and I think I didn´t mention so far that I loved the song you put on facebook recently, „Laugh as you go“... it is really beautiful!

I wish you a happy friday and a really nice start into the weekend, which I hope will be a lovely one for you and your family :).

Lots of hugs to you!