Thursday, May 28, 2015

Black and white with a little strike of red

I´ve been to university today for an examination and I hope I passed=) Fingers crossed!

Today I´ve been freezing so my lovely knitted jacket had to come on and I still wonder when summer will arrive? Of course standing in the forest after a heavy rain hearing the birds sing, smell the wonderful fresh air is kinda ok too some days too=)

Knitted jacket from COS

White top from BIK BOK that you can wear with either the back open or having the v-neck in the front. Good with different choices!

Jeans from ZARA


Silver shoes from ZARA

1 comment:

Pascal said...

And this are wonderful pictures, Anette, thanks for sharing! And you look happy on them which is really great to see :). It´s the right way to show all haters that they can never ever break you! Go on, you are and will always be stronger :).

Lots of hugs, love and light to you and I wish you a good and restful night!