Tuesday, May 26, 2015


When I color my eyebrows I use this easy kit from DEPEND to do it with and it only takes a few minutes to do. 
I use the brown-black one but there is also brown or black and the best thing is to start with the lightest and then if that doesn't feel ok buy the darker one next time.

This last for many coloring sessions and is to a good price=)

For me, marked eyebrows make us look younger so I try and take care of them.

Lipstick from MAC in orange, my favourite!


Karin said...

Thanks Anette, I will go and buy that, and try it. I must admit; I've been too lazy to take care of my eyebrows. I do my eyes, and my lashes, but those eyebrows I have " forgotten" . Must fix that 😄

Hep-Hep Steff said...

even if i'm still not conviced to use any make up on me, i must admit you look amazingly beautiful. <3

Ecem said...

Hey Anette! Since this post is about make up, I would like to ask a make up related question. I saw you using products from MAC and Make up Forever, and I wonder if you think you will start using cruelty-free make up products one day? I mean, you are a sensitive person who cares about what's going on around her, and I hope maybe you can go cruelty-free. Could you give it a try? :)