Monday, May 18, 2015

Johans haircut and what I use in his hair

So, I am also a hair dresser and tonight I cut the boys hair and thought it could be nice to see Johan´s cut and what products I use to style it afterwards=)

Johan´s cut is a layered one where I cut it to the shoulders first and then make several layers and then I make it a bit thinner since he has so much hair.

I blowdry it backwards and then in the roots on top of the head I take volume powder called DUST IT from OSIS to get the volume up and make it less soft so its easier to put it backwards. Then I add D-fi wax in the whole hair and pull it back and separate it in the back and then I finish it up with Hair spray from KERASTASE to make it stay.


Karin said...

Must say : that haircut suits Johan so well! His face comes out more, and this shorter style is, how should I put it, more " today" 😊 The long hair was beautiful yes, but it was more " yesterday" 😄
-You have a hell of a goodlooking husband there, Anette!
And so nice he agreed to be on these photos😊
Have a nice day, and " terveisiä Johanille " 👍💜

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I think his haircut looks nice and suits him very well :). And your outfit in the previous post is also really beautiful again!

I read on instagram that you had a big exam today and I keep my fingers crossed that it went well. I also had the hardest exam of the week today and I think I did it quite good and I´m happy that at least this one is over now :).

I wish you a really nice day and enjoy the sun, you totally deserve it :).

Lots of hugs, love and light to you!

Unknown said...

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