Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Pinky pink hair

So, the new fun trend to have a bit of crazy colors in the hair is fun and can transform a blond hair to a pinch of color for a party or why not, as I do, use it for a regular day? 

The color bugs from KEVIN MURPHY are easy to use and good quality and easy to get off after use. Just wash your hair as normal and its back to blond=)

There are several colors to choose from like a golden ombre (will try that next), green, pink and more. 

I have tried pink first since I love pink and I really love it!

How to use it:
I first spray the hair with hair spray to make the color stick. Then take the crayon and simply paint on the hair in the sections you want to have color in. I push my hair into the crayon and get lots of color and then I brush it through with my brush to get a bit more shady color.


Unknown said...

Hy Anette i got a hair- chalk , and a spray hair color's i got purple red , green and pink. :) Yes i like the pinkish color in a hair . but what would you say about a green one ? i put a blue color in my hair yesterday.was looking amazing . I like to had have these kinds of colors into my hair. I made bracelet's too . Yes i am listen to the music too. I like Wt, blue foundation, and twilight songs very much.I got a par fum from a green tea products .:) I like these sweet smells.:) what kind of par fum would you like ?

Pascal said...

Wow, that looks really nice and gives your hair and additional special touch which fits very well. I must say I also could imagine it in green for example, if you like that, but gold will surely look amazing too :).

Karin said...

!! 😄 you look soooo good in those photos !

Anonymous said...

Pink is super cute for you! :D I'm trying something totally different; I'm growing out my totally natural hair colour!