Monday, May 04, 2015

Jungle fever

Yesterdays lovely temperatures and sun made me bring out these old jungle pants and welcome May=)

Pants H&M

Shoes from RAGLADY

Thin hooded cardigan from FREDDY THE CLUB


Pascal said...

And those trousers are really nice and they fit to the increasing temperatures at the moment with the summery feeling they spread.

Have a really nice evening now and lots of hugs, love and light to you :).

Anonymous said...

This looks really cool! And I think your photos would be much better if you took them with a tripod somewhere outside or in a good lightning... I somehow have a feeling that these pictures are no different than the iphone ones. Just sayin' :) But the outfit looks reaaaallly good!

Unknown said...

Aleksandra:; Thanks but I actually don't have time to go outside and do such photos every day=) But a good idea for someone who hasn't anything else to do in life, haha=) hugs!

Anonymous said...

Well, I remember you saying that you wanna do it like all the other fashion bloggers, and that's one of the ways they take their photos... But oh well. Gotta go and finish my construction plans now for college. Good night!

Unknown said...

Aleksandra; Yeah, thanks and sorry, I was only joking=) I am getting a tripod today and hope I can find a good spot indoors for now and then when we get a house outdoors=) All the best! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

No, it's okay... I just like good looking blogs, it just makes reading much more pleasant... I already offered to make you a brand new blog design but you ignored that, but it's okay, I wouldn't accept anything from strangerson the internet either. You can buy a tiny remote for your camera on amazon for sure, which makes the tripod usage much easier too. Just a little tip from an architectual perfectionist. :D Much love, Aleksandra.