Saturday, May 02, 2015

Among goats and forest flowers

Yesterday we had an all day outdoor and we started off at the best café there is in summer time - FLICKORNA LUNDGREN

. Home made amazing cakes and great coffee and they also have gluten free so I could eat some yummie stuff too=)

They also have some goats and horses for the kids to pet and the view is great with the ocean close by!

Coffee in lovely clay mugs make it so much yummier to drink the coffee and the kids lemonade was amazing! Cakes too=)

A bit windy so great that they have blankets you can use

Goats are so cute and lovable=)

Check the view to the ocean far away! Amazing=)

Cool girl in leather of course=) Jacket from DSQUARED 2

Then after the coffee we drove to the forest at KULLABERG for a nice walk among the white flowers called: vitsippor which marks that spring for sure is here!

Look at this! Like sugar to the soul. Make me so humble to LIFE….

My boys love to be in the forest and run!

This is a typical Swedish forest=)

Here´s a close up of "vitsippan"

Me and my small ones=)


Hep-Hep Steff said...

am i dreaming, or mio is almost as tall as nemo? looks like you had a lovely time, and what a nice place! and i have to say i love your leather jacket! it looks a bit like a perfecto, but more "girly"... :)

Unknown said...

So beautiful pictures. I wish I could live there. So beautiful city. I want visit theme. And I love it that it is so near by the ocean. Wow your kids,Nemo and Mio are so big know. What time flies fast.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It´s really nice that you had such a beautiful day outside and with great weather. Here in south of Germany, the weather is not good at the moment, lots of rain and grey skies. I hope the sun will show itself soon again also here :).

And those pictures are wonderful, nice food, lovely goats, great outfit on you and I can only say again that the nature you have in Sweden is really stunning and impressing! Beautiful photos you took and thanks for sharing this wonderful impressions!

Karin said...

I love to look at your pictures from nature. The nature is such an easy " target" to photograph , it is so beautiful all the time! :)
Love those goats... ;)