Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stockholm, new look and some sunny photos=)

Hi all and a very happy Saturday to you;=)

Last week I went up to Stockholm over the day to meet my sister for some hours, get a new fresh hair cut and color at YOU Stockholm and enjoy the main capitol for a day. Sarah at YOU made my hair lighter but since I´ve had purple/blue hair before that made it harder to get it blond without getting neon green! haha. yeah, if anyone wants neon-green hair, use the punk colors I did;=)

Here´s photos from a lovely café I had a latte at before entering YOU:

Some yellow and pattern for the lovely day=)

So, we had to cut of a LOT of my hair but it was needed and I feel younger and fresher so it´s a great change=)

I didn´t shop anything more than a little small cute purse from H&M with the lovely words LOVE on them and a pair of crazy sunglasses that I´ll take a photo of later today for you;=)

And spring has been here for the last weeks even if today it´s a storm here and next week has promised rain and rain. But I have been out walking hours after hours all the lovely days to get as much sun as possible and here´s the last walk photos for you;=)


Next week I have lots of promo with photo shoots and TV both here as well as me going to Finland, so today I´m going to try out getting more lashes on my eyes. Will blog the result later;=) Good if I don't have to glue on lashes myself every time;=)

I finish this blog post with a photo of me and a follower in my Instagram - Chloé  who I ran into in Stockholm. Lovely French girl who now works in Stockholm.

And of course a little photo of me holding my album SHINE in my hands after picking up my copies yesterday;=) And it looks so lovely! the booklet photos and lyrics and everything is perfect=)

Now enjoy this lovely day and have a great weekend everyone!


Unknown said...

lovely photos. you look so great, Nettie! so young! every day! love and hugs to you! my BEST singer!

Thomas C. said...

Hey Anette ! I'm happy to see you look happy ! And that new hair cut makes you shine ;) It's funny cause when I saw it, the music I was listening just passed from "Almighty Bhunivelze", a cold, majestic and fast theme with choirs and predominance of an organ, to "Sunleth Waterscape", a cute and joyful theme with piano and sweet voice ^^ I hope it was a very good moment in the Sweden capital, a place where I would love to go. I went to Helsinki two years ago and I can't wait to see Stockholm and Oslo ! The pics are great btw ! Well have a very nice day dear Anette, lots of joy from France :)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I already knew most of the photos from instagram and they all are great, I think your new look is absolutely beautiful :). It makes me happy to see that you had such a nice time in Stockholm. Also the pictures from your last walk are so beautiful and good to see the nice weather. Today it´s a quite grey day without sun here in Bavaria, hope it gets warm soon again as we had it the last days :).

And seeing the album is of course really special... I´m looking forward to hold it in my hands too in almost two weeks. Now I´m looking forward to the blog post later on you speak about and wish you also a great and enjoyable saturday!

With lots of love and hugs for you :).

Vinga said...

I love your photos :)
I don't know how but you live in Sweden I in Poland and we always have the same weather ^^
I really want to meet you one day <3
Big kisses for you :*

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette & a happy Saturday to you also! :-)

I've only been up for about an hour after one of those nights where a person just can't seem to nod off to sleep. Though I did nod off eventually at about 08:00am ish and fell into one of those half-awake/half-asleep states, and this is quite a regular thing for me, where I want to wake up properly but I can't and during this I'm also aware of feeling paralized. It can be quite horrific when you want to wake up but you can't. During this I also let out some abject screams for help and this continues until I'm awake fully :-)

I've never been to Stockholm ( or anywhere in Sweden/Scandinavia ) yet so I've only seen it through various forms of media and it does look nice. Seems to give the impression of being very clean looking :-)

Going off the word Italiano on the side of your cup was that an Italian café you visited Anette? Hehe...I realize there are Italian themed cafes everywhere though somehow an Italian café seems a bit out of place somewhere in Scandinavia :-) The two don't really seem to go hand in hand together. Like a tiger in a Manhattan apartment :-)

I wish you a nice weekend Anette! :-)

Raquel Alves said...

Thanks for sharing your life with us. Good weekend, girl :-))))

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie and happy weekend.
Uau, this coffee looks really good, I can smell it here haha, hope you've had a great time there.
And your hair, beautiful, too beautiful. I have a brown hair with parts blue and sometimes it gets purple but I never thought in being blond but I have to confess that blond hair really combines with you, specially because your eyes are green/blue and your skin is so white, it looks really great altough I think you look gorgeous in all way, even hairless I think you'd look great hehe.

Now I hope you enjoy your resting days and rock on next week. The Shine date is almost here and I'm getting very anxious =D.

Love, Carol

Metal Nicks said...

Hello Anette,

Anette I have a question for you...Why are you so beautiful? Hope it was not a stupid question for ya! :-)

I cannot wait till I have my hands on a copy of the CD on the bottom picture..

Hope you have a beautiful day!
Love and hugs from Illinois US..
Ross XOXO :-)

Unknown said...

You look great as always and no photoshop !!

I love Stockholm, it's a very beutiful city, and under the sun it's even better :)

I had a question for you Anette, I was wondering how did you end up working with Martijn from Within Temptation? I couldn't find any info about that.

Looking forward for your new album and hope to see you soon on stage (with some Nightwish songs pleaaaase :D),

linnea-maria said...

Det blev jättesnygtt och du blev yngre :)

Karin said...

What what ? :) You coming to Finland? When ? Where will you be ? Promo things ,interviews, or photoshoots or what :)
Aaah , can't wait for your album. Want it !!

Unknown said...

Karin: Moi! Yes, I´m going on thursday and having a full day of PR friday including TV and so on;=) Fun!

Karin said...

Moi Anette, and welcome, : Tervetuloa Suomeen :) Välkommen till Finland !
Hope the weather will be better to the end of the week. Now we have this thing called " Takatalvi" . A winter in the middle of spring. Got more snow and cold during the weekend... Not nice....
I will keep my eyes open for the results of your visit :)
Hope you will enjoy it . Take some photos!
Maybe I ' ll see you .... ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette :)! I like your new haircut, even if it's really unusual for you, because as I can remember you always had long hair.
Hm, I remember that you like Within Temptation, so yesterday I went to a concert in Switzerland which was great and I really hope to get to see YOU once again now :)

Unknown said...

Anette ... I've been reading so much about you, I had a dream. I dreamed I went to his house for a visit. In the dream you had a teenage daughter very much like you. We sat on a couch and started to laugh, eat chocolate cake and her daughter sometimes say: "mother." I do not remember what subject we were talking about, but his kindness and legria woke me up in a good mood. Here, we believe that this type of dream, are seeing memo. When we have good feelings for some people, dreams form bridges so we can show affection. If true, thank you for being so charismatic. Hugs and kisses. The Brazilian fans want to repeat his gesture, holding his album

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I hope you are doing well. I saw on instagram that you try out clothes for the promo trip in Finland and that you think of the red dress. That would be a good choice I find, it looks very elegant :).

Have a nice day and lots of love and happiness to you :).

Estelindis said...

Your new haircut is gorgeous. You look beautiful in every way, especially your smile. :)

Unknown said...

That is a cute cut and color! It really suits you.