Friday, March 07, 2014

A new review of SHINE

Good morning everyone=)

Hope you all are feeling super, it´s FRIDAY dear one!!

Yesterday I got this review and I posted the first part of it in my INSTAGRAM account and unfortunately some people didn´t like the first part of it. Even so, it is a nice review of me and my album so here is the whole review and as you can see, a good one,=)

ENJOY! this lovely day!


Hep-Hep Steff said...

it's a really nice review... and i have to say i completely agree with the first part.
i wish you a happy friday, kisses & love for you and your family <3

Philippa said...

I get the feeling that the first part of the review is written somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and even if it isn't I don't understand why people are so upset and especially angry with you, because it's not as if you wrote it.

This is your blog and you're free to post whatever you want, and this is a really nice and positive review of your album, so you have every right to be happy about this.

Enjoy your Friday! xxx

Pascal said...

Hi Anette! And you are up very early... when you posted that, I still slept like a stone I think :).

Well, with that friday my holiday week ends, but there´s still the weekend :). Happy friday also for you! And to Mio, I wish him to get well soon, sorry that it comes late... :/ :/. Hope he´s already doing better.

Ok, now to the review topic, I think I made my point already clear in my posts here and on facebook :). It´s great that you share it here now, but I hope people won´t go on here then with attacking you. If so, don´t worry, I´ll be there
*taking on steel armour, sword and shield*
:D :D
No, seriously, I hope you don´t get any more offense now. You don´t deserve that.

Have a very nice day and take good care :). Lots of Hugs!

Betty Blue said...

"It´s friday", yes :D Luckily I have te weekend off so that I can really enjoy my free days now, the weather is getting great here in Germany and well, it´s all just awesome. But I am SO tired from work :D
Have a nice weekend!

subwaytosally18642 said...

I have to say that I really don't like the first paragraph of the review. It's picking on Floor for no reason at all. I don't want to start a fight but it's so obvious that Floor isn't a Tarja clone.

That being said, the rest of review is nice and makes me excited for the album. I preordered mine a long time ago and I can't wait for it to be released :)

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,

yeah, it's friday - always the best day of the week. Although thursday was quite perfect too for me. ;-)

In the matter of the review I have to say that I really don't understand all this fighting people do all the time.
Me too I think it's quite unprofessionell to talk like this about Tarja and Floor and it's not fair. But people seem to forget that this wasn't written by you, you just posted it. As far as I know you never said something really mean against NW, Tarja or Floor. I only read you telling facts and nothing is wrong with that I think. The guys of NW can tell their point of view too if they wish to do so. You are not saying that you hate someone and we all now how kind you are always talking about other people in the music business. So I don't see that you did anything wrong.
Seems like fans can't stop fighting about who was the best singer. Well and people writing reviews can't stop it too I think... I'm also one of the persons who liked you best in NW although I love Tarja and Floor too. I really didn't like their last singer-decision and would have wished for you to stay a part of the band. But things happened which everyone must accept. And liking your time with NW best doesn't mean for me that I have hate the other great metal ladies who worked with them. For me there is no reason why I shouldn't love you and Tarja and Floor and NW and the music you all do - together and solo.

Anette, please do not take these comments too serious because there will always be haters. I'm happy that you once joined NW. Because of this decision I got to know that you are a very nice and sweet person, one of the kindest people I know. And after you quit I'm looking forward to Shine because it will be all you. :-)

Sry for the long comment :-P and take care, Sweety. :-*
Kisses and hugs,
Steffi <3

Unknown said...

Hi Anette.

I think you didn't understand why people got upset with your post.
It was not because the review and the reviewer thoughts about Tarja and Floor (The Goblin Queen and ditch water sub-Tarja clone)... It was because of the dull way you put a screenshot exactly on this paragraph and your third grade comment (i.e. "This made my day")

This begining of this article, that YOU chose to put in your profile, bashes the same Tarja whose album you've already promoted heavily in your blog and the same Floor, who has always talked with respect about you, even if she is interested in a lot heavier music than yours...

That was pretty unprofessional from your side.

I don't care if you delete my post.
Have a nice evening

Alice44 said...

Anette, I have always loved you and respected you as a musician. However, I find it problematic that you would post a review that belittles a really talented musician and not call this out. You said that other people may not be happy with the first part, but what about you? Sorry but I find that a bit selfish. You can post whatever you want on your blog but you could have at least pointed out that you weren't okay with that part. You only posted it because it said positive things about you. Which is great, but it's at the expense of someone else who is also incredibly talented.

Florência do Agreste said...

I just find it sad that people need to atack another person jus to get to their point.
Floor has very big shoes to fill in, just like you had. And it's going to be difficult for her too.
She is a very talented singer like you, dear.
I just don't understand how after all you've been through with the crazy fans you could think it's a good idea to post such a horrble text in your blog.

Anyways, I'm happy for your success. You deserve it. :)

Florência do Agreste said...

I just find it sad that people need to atack another person jus to get to their point.
Floor has very big shoes to fill in, just like you had. And it's going to be difficult for her too.
She is a very talented singer like you, dear.
I just don't understand how after all you've been through with the crazy fans you could think it's a good idea to post such a horrble text in your blog.

Anyways, I'm happy for your success. You deserve it. :)

Estelindis said...

Anette, I think that you could have made it clear that you are happy with the review overall but don't support the insulting language used towards Floor Jansen - assuming, as I do, that you really don't support such language. Even if you do agree with what the review said about Floor, I don't think that it does anyone any good to express it in public. I know that things are fresher and more raw than when you were announced as the vocalist for Nightwish, but when did Tarja ever criticise your voice in public? Anyway, I care about you as a person and love you as a singer, so I'm just saying this because I think you can present yourself better than this. Again, Tarja has managed to be quite successful in her solo career while commenting minimally on Nightwish.

Looking forward to getting my hands on Shine. I will be picking it up regardless of reviews. The next one I'll judge based on how much I enjoy Shine, but Shine gets a free pass based on how much I love your voice and the many times I've listened to everything you've released with Alyson Avenue and Nightwish (plus, you know, Invincible is awesome and I can't wait for the final version).

Best wishes.

Chrissie said...

Hi Anette, I'm sure, you deserved all the good reviews you got and I'm looking forward to the release of "Shine"... BUT, if I were you, I would select in my postings the "good" reviews from other "good" one's! This recent review, although it's a good one from your point of view, hasn't a good style at all! Nobody should be proud of this kind of reviews! As a person, who campaigns against bullying, you should dissociate from this kinds of reviews in my opinion...
Anyway, I wish you good luck and success with your solo carrer!

Pascal said...

I hoped it wouldn´t be necessary to speak about that issue again... but... well, I feel I just have to say my opinion again and I hope it´s ok for you Anette when I adress to some people who wrote here.

@ Asha Greyjoy & Alice44: Please try to not forget that it weren´t Anette´s words in that part. She used this part for the instagram photo because it was just the first part of the whole review, so there is no reason to think she wanted to promote the bashing. When you read along her blog and instagram as I do, you see that thinking this from her is nonsense. I know no better example than Anette for anti-bullying and being friendly to others and this doesn´t change with that review she didn´t write herself but someone completely else. The reason she shared it are the nice words about her album and it´s understandable that this makes her happy. For the offense against Floor or Tarja, you can´t make her responsible. Also not when she posted that part on instagram.

Karin said...

You people, get over it !

It was a good review of the album, which Anette and her team are proud about !
And that made us happy to read.
Anette is strong and has courage to do her own stuff. ( including publishing what she wants in her own blogs and accounts. )

Keep on shining Anette !

Unknown said...

Pascal, sadly, this is how internet communication between strangers works: when you post a link approvingly, people will assume you are indicating your approval of the article's content, unless you actually say that you take exception. People won't assume the best of you, no matter how good your character or reputation is. That's just another thing we all need to be careful about these days.

Pascal said...

@ Karin: Exactly what I think :).

@Andro ang Christopher: But is Anette really a stranger? I personally do not know any famous person who is closer to her fans... she has her blog and instagram where she tells us about what she does, how she spends her days and so on and also writes back to people there, you can ask questions on her facebook she answers... that´s not usual to everyone I think, but instead of being grateful and appreciating this, people pick on her as if it wasn´t clear that she not intended any bashing of anyone. I personally had never that feeling that she wanted to support bullying, so why did it work with me and also some others, but with so many people not? A bit more trusting in Anette would be nice from them I guess.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the review, and yes, the first paragraph is tongue in cheek. I'm a huge Tarja fan, and love her solo stuff, but I was referring to her persona. I stick by my belief that NW made a huge mistake, and that they've moved backwards. However, the main point was - "Shine" is great.