Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And TODAY Shine is released here in Sweden;=)

You can find it in Swedish iTunes and and more;=)


Anonymous said...

Hei dear!
Congratulations !!!!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

too bad i'm not in sweden.... at least there's only a few days left before it'll be out, great!!!!!
speaking about new albums, my dear friend finally released her own, on march 13, if you want to have a look (and mayber order it):
clo (desireless) and antoine (operation of the sun) made the album themselves, at home and with the help of a few friends. i'm named in the thanks part of the booklet, because i was one of the few people to help theim by giving my opinion of the rough demos... i could tell you they made a wonderful job!
so now i wish you good luck for your shine, and break a leg!
kisses & love to you and your family <3

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Ok, I think I REALLY have to learn Swedish now so that I can watch the Swedish interviews :). Well, actually I once started learning it, think I told you in the blog at that time. I just hadn´t so much time then, but maybe I really start new now, why not? It´s a cool language I think and also not so difficult to learn in my opinion, so let´s see :).

And it´s a good thing that in Sweden the album is published today. Now there will be more reviews and so on I guess and I´m sure they will be positive. I have to wait until friday as you know, but THEN it is here too :). I long for friday!

Enjoy your day and I hope you too have good weather today as it is here :). Hugs to you!

Unknown said...

Anny- Please can you post your interview in English (translation) ?yes ,I am looking toward OK?:)

Anonymous said...

@Pascal: Hi! :-) This might help. It's only the very basics of Swedish as I'm a total beginner. I've provided the link below. If the link does not work then simply go onto YouTube and type Go Swedish into the search bar and you should get this channel. I've personally found it beneficial and maybe you will too.

Enjoy! :-)

Hello again Anette! :-)

Pascal said...

Ok, you need to find now musicians for being on tour I read... well, I would like to offer you my services, but I can´t play the guitar well enough yet :). But you could hire me as a background singer for emergencies... the idea behind: If someone in the audience makes a problem, tell me to come on stage and sing along with you... you´ll see, they will RUN AWAY as fast as they can :D :D.

Enjoy your evening Anette and later on, sov gott! Jag lärar swenska nu :). Kramen!

karin said...

Congratulations !!!!

Karin said...

Congrats Anette ! The day is finally here, and now it starts rolling on :) So exciting !
I am so waiting to get my own copy of your album. I am looking forward to that moment when I will put the cd into the player in my car, and your voice is gonna fill the whole space ! Wow !! :)

Unknown said...

Woho! Finally the big day has come. I can imagine that you're really proud :). Tomorrow it will get out here :)

Serafim said...

Congratulations!!! =)
I really can't wait tomorrow when your album will be out in Russia ;-)

Also, Happy Birthday, Mio!!! =)

Pascal said...

Hey Anette... I must tell you... I have it! I have it now! Your album was delivered today already. Yesterday, I got a mail from amazon that it is on its way and will approximately arrive on friday, but now it is here :). Amazon seems to be very fast when you pre-order something, some time ago I pre-ordered Game of Thrones Season 3 and it came too today already and is published on monday first :).

Now to your album, it was a wonderful feeling holding it in my hands finally. The cover is even more impressing as it looked at the pictures and the booklet is also super, nice pictures and great with all the lyrics inside of the songs :).
What I find especially touching are your thank greetings... especially the paragraph dedicated to your fans, I don´t want to spoiler something for those who want to read it themselves, I just want to say... thank YOU Anette, for being there for us always. I appreciate it so much and it really touched me reading those beautiful words.

I have to learn today for two tests tomorrow at school, but your album will be a really great motivation :). Haven´t listened to it yet, I´ll tell you later how I find it, but I´m sure it won´t be a surprise that I´ll love it a lot :D.

With all my heart and love, thanks for everything Anette and enjoy your day, never forget to SHINE :).

And to Tom, tack så mycket! :). I will look at the link, I read that you also learn Swedish. Have fun and good luck with it! In one year, both of us will only write Swedish here in Anette´s blog, no more english :D.

Pascal said...

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dear son Mio! Is it already one year that he was born... time goes so fast, I remember this wonderful day :). And now, one year later, it´s such a wonderful day again! I hope you enjoy it :). Mio, grattis på födelsedagen! :).

MAN70 said...

Happy birthday little MIO, and good morning all the family.
Have a good day Anette.

Emmanuel (France)

Henk said...

congratulations, dear Anett! waiting it on russian itunes!

Pascal said...

So before I´ll go to bed, of course I have to tell you how I find your album :).

Yes - I totally love it Anette! I never had a doubt that your solo music will be great so I must say I had high expectations and I were not disappointed :). To the contrary, really every song is absolutely stunning. And the time went fast by listening to it, you know I was listening to "Lies", looked at the tracklist and thought like "What? Already almost half the album heard?" :D. So far, my favourites I think are "Shine" and "Hear me", which is a funny thing because when I listened to that one the first time on the Get Ready to Rock Interview where they played it, I was like it´s a great song, but it won´t be one of my total faves... but now it is :). Also the calmer ones like "Invincible" are perfect. I will of course write more about the album, but so far you should know that I absolutely like it. A really touching debut solo album, perfect in my opinion and a great start for your solo career :).

Sleep well and I hope you´ll have a great start into your weekend tomorrow :). Lots of hugs to you!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hi Anette
I want to give my honest opinion about the album, but first I want to tell you that you look very pretty with your new hair. And sorry, very sexy too. haha
Shine is beautiful, your voice remained in my mind for hours after listening Moving Away and Like a show inside my head.
Hear Me and One Million Faces have deep lyrics, and they are my favorite. Your voice is dramatic in these songs and this is one of your best qualities.
I hear your voice since 2007, and I missed some things on this album and I think some fans feel too. Your high and strongs notes and maybe a ''witch's voice ''. I know, is Shine, but you can shine and be a bit dark too. haha :)
I hope to see more songs like Hear Me and Falling
And hey, Shine will be sold only in Amazon? They take too long to send cds to Brazil.
Jag älskar dig! ♥


Anonymous said...

For some reason I thought it was out today ( 28th ) over here in England. Anette, I seem to have confused the release dates :-/ Obtaining a copy of it is on my to do list though! :-)

@Pascal: Varsagod! :-) Yeah, and our hair will go blonde and our eyes will become blue! :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Happy 1st Birthday Mio! :-D


Or Hep Hep if you're Anette! :-D