Friday, March 07, 2014

Another really nice review of SHINE=)

Thanks so much to Femme Metal webzine for this really nice review=)


Unknown said...

Ok, those reviews are both very good. Won't take long until it gets out, woho, that makes me so happy :)!
That journalist really has some nerves, I don't think that the first part was professional ;). But people should leave you alone about it, that's really not your fault.

Vinga said...

Very good! :) I can't wait for this album! I'm so excited :)

With LOVE :*

Pascal said...

That review is also nice, I´m happy for you that you get so many positive feedback on the album :). I will also write a review when I have heard it... I mean, there will be a lot of reviews when it´s out, but I hope you will read and like mine too :).

And I don´t know but something seems to be wrong with your instagram page... I can´t open it, instagram appears but they say something like "The page couldn´t be found"... just wanted to inform you in case you didn´t see it already, so that it can be fixed maybe :).

Andi said...

Hi Anette, I'm sure I am not the first one who tells you that your Instagram account can't be found anymore (Page not found).

Wish you a nice day, Andi

Karin said...

You get good reviews ! Really nice , and you are so worth it ! A few weeks until we get the album in our hands :)