Friday, March 07, 2014

Today´s photos:=)

Today I´ve been with Mio at our weekly "sing with your baby" session where we and many other babies and mummies and daddies sit down and two lovely ladies sing with us and our children. So nice and Mio loves it!

Afterwards a nice long walk as always and today I took photos for you and I found two lovely doors that I liked and a lovely path up to a fountaine. These doors and the path all symbolize a new beginning and for me, doors are special. 

When you open up a new door in your life you do not know what will come, but the anticipation and excitement to go in to something new is, for me, the best thing I know in life.

So open the door and follow the path to YOUR dreams and desires;=)


Pascal said...

Wow... the photos are impressing and I´m happy you had a great time at this singing session. Must have sounded nice when you sang together with those people :). Singing is a thing I personally like too, but I can´t do it very well... ok, I can´t do it well at all :D. When I sing, I think everybody flees :D. But that´s ok, we all have different strengths :).

And your words... they are so beautiful and wise... something I can really need this times. You are the best!

Have a nice afternoon Anette :). And by the way, great that instagram is working again.

Lots of hugs and enjoy the rest of your day :).

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

I really like your philosophy about life as going through different doors :-)

As opposed to saying something like 'travelling down different roads'.

Like any great philosopher I'm not certain, but even though I think both doors & roads might generally mean the same thing, I feel Anette that your doors example highlights better how if we take risks, or follow our dreams, in this case by walking through different doors, then magic could happen :-) I feel your doors example might be better because if you're walking down a road you can see everything in front of you. Though if you walk through a door you have no idea what is behind it until you walk through it and this highlights how taking risks/chances or following your dreams can really pay off big returns to you. There might be nothing behind the door. Though you could find something truly amazing through the next door...

Life can be very unpredictable anyway. Who knows where we'll all be in 10 years time. And by walking through the doors that possibly makes life more unpredictable. Although something very rewarding could happen if we do :-)

I don't know much philosophical language but by walking through different doors we are playing with the unpredictable nature of existence. And that's something special! :-)

Enjoy the rest of your day Anette, my favourite philosophical Viking! :-)

Hep-Hep Steff said...

it seems you had a lovely time with the "sing with your baby" session. :)
thanks so much for thinking about us with the pics. i especially love the second door, but all the pics are lovely. it reminds me than in 8 days it'll be my bday... i'll be glad when it'll be done, i hate this! too many bad memories....
kisses & love for you and your family <3

Anonymous said...

Ahem, at the end of my last post I meant to refer to you Anette as my favourite philosophical LADY Viking! :-D

I think what happened was while I was being all philosophical and pondering the bigger question about doors, all that mental effort affected my head thus affected my writing! :-D

Hehehe... these things have to be correct, especially now it's International Womens Day! :-D

Hehehe... my apologies Anette, my favourite philosophical LADY Viking! :-D

MusicOfTheNight said...

Hi,Anette! I totally agree with you about the symbolism of doors. And you are SO right, THE BEST THING in life is the thrill before you open the door and see what's behind. And that's what makes life beautiful, worth living for and worth fighting for! I love your new songs, way to go!!!
Take care!