Monday, March 24, 2014

No hate speech movement

Hi all,

As you all know I am against internet hate and I really think its important that we teach our children and youths what rules they should know there is when it comes to what we can say or do in the internet. And also what we can do if we get hateful or mean comments in our instagram, Facebook, blogs and so on.

The same rules that we need to follow out in the normal life is also the rules we need to follow in the internet!

Many people believe that if someone takes away a nasty comment from his/her blog or Facebook, it´s censorship and against free speech but they are WRONG- we are not free to say whatever we FEEL like to anyone if it can hurt the other one. Simple but still so many do not know this.

So therefore I want you all to share and check out this great movement - NO HATE NO SPEECH MOVEMENT who work to teach young kids between 13-18 years exactly what is ok and not in the internet. And I believe  MANY adults can learn from reading their wise words too.

For me - I want a nicer internet. I don´t want it to be a place for bullying, racism, hate, and negativity. 

I hope many more than me feel the same cause the only thing to change it is to ACT! If you see any hateful or mean comments anywhere against anyone - report it to the forum owner or blog owner. It´s the owners of the respective forums RESPONSIBILITY to take all these hateful comments away! 

Do not just leave it be- GO AGAINST THE HATE!

'Check out No hate speech movement and read their great tips for a nicer internet!


Unknown said...

Agreed Anette!
Because people hide behind a computer, they think they can say and do what they like! My philosophy is - if you can't or wouldn't say it to the persons face, don't say it at all. The internet can be a terrible place for bullying. Please think before you type something nasty, because it can do more damage than you think. x

Kaoru said...

People tend to think that, because the Internet allows you to be anonymous, you can just tell everything you want despite it being hurtful. It's easier than in normal life because you're just a user and the other person isn't looking at your face. But it's really important to teach children how to behave and how to use your anonymous status.

Hep-Hep Steff said...

you tell my thoughts! free speech doesn't mean we have to be hateful...
kisses & love <3

fstorm said...

I've always admired how you've dealt with adversity in your career. It's programs such at these that can help children and even adults learn how to be more compassionate towards others. Thanks for sharing.

On a side note, I thought maybe you'd want a new header image for your blog since 'Shine' is about to be released so I threw this together on Photoshop for you. Use it if you'd like!

You may have to copy and paste the link!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! That's so great of you. I think more celebrities should use their "power" to talk about these things. You always did that and you have my respect for that.
I also think that you are a person who has suffered through these things and knows what she's talking about.
Everyone is free to reveal his opinion but no matter what it's about - do it in a way that doesn't hurt anybody.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette and good afternoon, or early evening :).

That´s indeed a great post and I totally agree with you. I think we are free to speak AS LONG AS it doesn´t hurt, insult etc. anybody. Me too, I´m strictly against bullying, I have suffered from that too myself and know how hard it is. For me, one main problem is that especially the internet is offering a quite save platform for bullying and insulting others. Those cyber bullies hide behind the anonymity the internet offers and I believe many of them wouldn´t dare to say those things face to face to their victims. Feeling the need to bully someone is very weak I think, and using the internet as protection for it is even more weak. But you are right, no matter where bullying takes place, it should have no chance nowhere.

And reporting mean and rude comments is really important, but sometimes a problem for example on facebook. When there were those people offending you and being so mean some weeks ago, I reported someone who was really rude in his comment but I got a message back from facebook that they won´t do anything. That´s a bad thing, as you said those who own a page have the responsibility to act, but they failed on that, at least in this case.

I hope you get my point, I´m with you against mobbing, bullying and so on. I always try to be a nice person and to do the right things and to help where I can. So I´ll share the page you posted here, it´s something good to do against bullying and bashing and the more people take part speaking against those issues, the more people will be reached then.

I wish you a very nice day now, thanks for the great post and that you speak about it! Hugs to you! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post Anette! :-)

In the normal life I wouldn't walk over to a random stranger then say something insulting to them purely for the sake of it. Though in YouTube land this sort of mindless behaviour does occur so I agree with you Anette when you say it should be reported and removed.

Though debates/discussions happen very regularly in internet social networks and just like those that we engage in during the normal life you can have a different point of view/opinion to the person you're talking to. And just like the normal life it can end up being a heated debate. Though that does depend, I personally think, quite heavily on what you're discussing.

When we are in a debate/discussion with someone in the normal life we should ideally be able to get across/express our different point of view in a civilized manner. The problem is that it's not an ideal world and our passion ( temper ) can flare up as we argue our point of view.

And just like the normal life this can result in us speaking to our opponent in perhaps a derogatory manner. Again, this depends quite heavily on what you're discussing.

As I said before I'm against randomly insulting someone purely for the sake of it. Plus, I'm all for making the internet a safer, better place. Though as far as censorship and freedom of speech are concerned, I feel not quite clear on where we should draw the line in the area of removing someone's derogatory comment that has resulted from two people arguing different opinions in a discussion/debate. Is that not a violation of free speech?

I wish you a nice evening Anette! :-)

THK said...

Thank you for information! :) Good movement, I will read their website and Facebook-site, maybe I can use some of it at my work. Important stuff!

Karin said...

Var faktiskt idag på en kurs som behandlade mobbning av alla de sorter, bl a just allt dethär på internet.
Det är lite skrämmande , och vi har ett jätteansvar för den nästa generationen , som nu växer upp med internet, vilket vi ju inte har gjort.
Jätteviktigt med att förebygga , och " lära" ungdomarna och barnen, vett och etiikett !
När det väl är därute, kan man ju inte ta det tillbaka .
Jättebra att du tar upp sådana här viktiga ämnen.
Alltid får man någon att förstå , inte sant !

Katy Marie said...

Hi Anette,

There is a great book on this subject:

It's free to read if you have Acrobat PDF reader. Anyway, it's about how hard it is to regulate the Internet, because it is an international turf. The book was originally written in the 1990s, so this has been going on for many years now. There was a case some years ago dealing with Yahoo!, where the French brought Yahoo! to court because they were breaking French law. It goes to say, which country's rules do we abide by when on the Internet? China? USA? North Korea? It is a very interesting book to read, I recommend it.

Regulating the Internet has been a challenge for today's scholars, for sure. "No Hate Speech Movement" is an intriguing way to find a solution, and I hope it works out.

Linn said...

I agree, I am sick of tired of people posting hatred on newspaper websites, facebook or flashback. The thing I hate even more is that most of the people who claims the right to say whatever they're thinking usually uses a nickname where you cannot know the identity of this person.

I think that if you cannot show your face and name when you say something, you should keep your thoughts silent. I do not encourage people to spread hatred, but at least they should grow some balls and stand for their opinions.

The right to say whatever you want disappeares if you cannot be responsible for your own actions. I really do think that it is too easy to spread your words on the internet, it doesn't give you the time to reflect about things and it doesn't give as much consequenses as if you were to say the same thing in person.