Sunday, March 09, 2014

2014 years first barbecue is now done=)

This weekend has been AMAZING with so warm spring temperatures so early in March! Today 12 degrees and yesterday just a little bit less! Wow!

We´ve enjoyed both days being outdoors all afternoon and I´ve taken lots of photos for you;=)

In this post the photos from our forest barbecue yesterday is served to you. I hope you´ll enjoy them!


Anonymous said...

You sure picked a nice day for it Anette! :-)

Those logs you're stood on, you look as though you're saying 'yeah! I can use these to make my Viking long ship for my tour!' :-D

And in that last photo Nemo looks as if he's saying 'look what I've found Mum! Will this help?!' :-D

Vinga said...

Ohh yea spring !!! Here is warm too and we spent this time together too.
I see you had a great time :)
kisses :*

Pascal said...

Good evening, Anette!

Thanks for such nice pictures, I already knew some of them you already posted on instagram. The nature you have around you is so amazing. Great that you had a beautiful weekend :). I also read on instagram that you also have Weißbier, or as you wrote Weißbeer in Sweden, that´s funny and I didn´t know :).

And Anette... here again, I want to thank you a lot for your answer to what I wrote on facebook. As I already said, it´s difficult for me to shut up especially when I read those mean things. But I follow your advice and will from now on give them no more attention. Today I really felt down, but your answer raised my mood and I feel well again :). So again, thanks a lot! Me too, I prefer focusing on the positive things like your music and the joy you give people with being like you are. You have people behind you and together we are stronger, we SHINE :).

Take good care now and I wish you a great evening :). Lots of hugs and love to you!

Lorena Moiron said...

Here in Stockholm we had a wonderful weekend with temperatures over 10° and sunny days. Spring flowers come to life (in March!)and people walk around the beach with their kids and dogs. My boyfriend keeps suggesting, though, not to get too excited because it can change any time. I guess we should enjoy the day and be grateful!

Thomas C. said...

What a lovely family you are ! Must have been very pleasant to be there for a barbec' ! A very nice place.

Have a good evening Anette !
Thomas C.

Karin said...

Aaahhh ! Våren :) Fina bilder , tack Anette !

Unknown said...

Anette ... nature likes to welcome people who respect their strength and beauty. Children love the outdoors, I believe that is because they are not corrupted by modern life the same way that adults