Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some interviews from Finland/Suomi last week;=)

Ok, so some of the interviews I did last week when visiting dear Finland is starting to come out and I´ll post some here below. The first one is in Swedish but it´s a funny interview where they ask me about my firing from NW and I say that I was fired through an email and that I think it wasn´t the nicest thing to do. I also say that Floor should´t be blamed since she only took a job. We also talk about my album of course, my love for nature and leopard prints=) I play the harmonica and well, just lots of goofing around!

Here you go!

Then a two part video interview from 'Radio Rock where we talk mainly about my album SHINE and this is in English:

Then an interview from a Finnish newspaper called Keskisuomalainen and this is in 'Finnish and I talk about family life when being a singer, the tiring comparisons between singers, how to handle with hate and critique in the internet, Tuomas solo single and about Shine;=)

Click the link to go to the article:



Karin said...

Ha haa , :) this was so funny :)
Your " leopard phase" .... :) I haven't had my leopard - phase yet, should I be worried? :)
Maybe I will have it also when I am old , and stylish , in my own way :)

It was really nice to hear your voice ! A good interwiev also in the paper .

Så spännande tider på gång för dej just nu.

Kram !

Lucinda said...

Argh, wish it were in English!

Floor is definitely not too blame, just as you weren't to blame back in 2007! I hope you don't feel like you need to get back at them, though, even if I guess the separation wasn't done properly (once again)... Let's move on and listen to "Shine" when it's released! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hej Anette! :-)

Yes! :-) I'm speaking Swedish! :-D

As I intend to visit your country one of these days I've very recently been going onto YouTube where there are lots and lots of Swedish lesson's for beginners like myself! :-)

At this very early stage one of the words that I've learned very quickly is that the Swedish for good is Bra! :-D So I can say with 100% certainty that I've definitely nailed that one! :-D

When I listen to your Swedish radio interview Anette I can hear Hej ( Hi/Hello ) and I think I could just about hear Hur har du det ( How are you? ) although I'm not totally sure it was that :-/

As long as that radio interview stays on YouTube I'm going to go back to it every now and then to see if I can recognise the words and keep up with the conversation as my learning progresses :-)

Also I've got an uncle who is fluent in 4 different languages so I have it in my blood line somewhere and at this extremely early stage I'm feeling quite confident about it! :-)

Gug dag Anette! :-) ( good day to you Anette )

Gary said...

Hi Anette,
Love the interviews!!!

Ha, yeah you and leopard prints...

lots of love,

Pascal said...

Good evening!

Ok, I don´t understand Finnish and also my Swedish isn´t that good, but I watched the English one now. It was really nice and interesting as all the interviews about your solo career I have listened to or read :).

I hope you enjoy your evening and wish you that it´s great! :)

Unknown said...

Good evening Anette and thanks for sharing all these interviews :)! Of course I would also like to read the finnish one but I don't speak finnish...
Hm, and unfortunately I don't speak swedish neither :D. But I liked the english one and I'm sure that there will be a lot of translations out there, at least when the album gets out :)

Seer said...

Dear Nettie,

I did a review of "Shine" at Nightwish Croatia website. Check it out:

Great album!!


Unknown said...

Your album is showing up as "Shin" on the US Amazon site. It's been that way for a while, so I thought I'd let you know.

I hope you're doing well. :)