Friday, March 28, 2014

Shine is finally HERE!!!!

And the SUN has been shining ALL day after some bad days! So it truly SHINES today=)


Pinja said...

Hi Anette!

I just realized your album is on Spotify too. I really enjoy hearing you again. I can promise you that I will buy 'Shine' when I have the money! ;) I haven't even finished listening to it yet but I still think it is amazing.

It is shining here in Joensuu as well. I hope all the success for your album, it really shows your voice so well! Shine on beautiful! :)

Marekos said...

I'm from Poland and I get my own copy of "Shine" album today :D It's amazing - great job Anette!

Pascal said...

Oh yes! Even if I have it since yesterday, but congratulations to the release day to you! :)

And now a bit more about my opinion, it´s basically as I expected the album, from what I knew and from the songs I have had already heard :). I love the variation of positive songs like "Shine" or the good mood song "Floating" and also more sad ones like "Moving away". All the music work is great on the album and your voice is perfect on each song, you sing with great emotions and sound magnificient! I think that really every song is outstanding, there is no one I don´t love. It´s hard to tell what are my real favourites, at the moment they are "Shine" and "Hear me" as I mentioned yesterday, but I´m also deeply impressed by "One million Faces" and "Watching me from afar" for example. But they are all excellent anyways :). I also think that each song is special, you never have the feeling of listening to always again the same song, that´s also great and gives the album even an additional recognition value.

I will listen to the songs again and again and want to thank you for such beautiful music you give us! I was curious about this album since I knew you will make a solo album and somehow, I can´t really believe that it´s here yet and that I have listened to it finally - which I mean very positive of course! I´m really impressed and yes, thank you again so much for everything :). Tack så mycket Anette, du är underbar!

I wish you a great friday and a beautiful start into the weekend, dear Anette! :) Love and hugs to you!

Unknown said...

Congratulations, dear Anette! The album is fantastic!

Unknown said...

Anette ... when you come to Brazil, I was not able to see you sing and believe that one day return, also I can not see. I'm waiting to be able to handle his liner notes, while my scarifier sound plays your music, fan thing (laughs). Is there any way you autograph for a fan so far. Being very good track SHINE 2013 was a long year and it seemed that this release would never come, but come. Hear your songs are beautiful and I want her beautiful work in my special place, where are the things that are good for all my life ... his voice sings, makes me feel good. Obrigda for singing and make me happy even being so distant. Tamém couple kisses you ... just saw your little video, very affectionate. Success!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i don't know if you have read this review or not:
so far it's one of the best i've read! the way it was writen, i feel that it will be a great album, who could be enjoyable and accessible quickly, but will give all its treasures only after some listenings.... to me it's what made the best albums, being able to enjoy them since the very first playing and still give surprises even after a while. oh, i'll be really happy when i'll be able to order my cd! and i could tell you that i will play it as soon as i'll have it.
i could only wish you the best, and i send you a big hug as well. kisses & love <3

Henk said...

your voice is amazing, dear Anette! really, really nice album! i love every song, exept "floating" perhaps cuz of music, but vocal is great. my favourite is "moving away". just amazing: very pure and emotional song. thanx' a lot for this album! it was a real plesure to hear you again! keep going and best wishes our! dreaming to hear your live performance angain!

Philippa said...

I'm so happy and excited for you Nettie, and I can't wait for my copy of Shine to arrive! Unfortunately it doesn't come out for another 3 days here in the UK, so I'll be waiting (im)patiently for it to get here :)

Anonymous said...

And hej again,

there is a question still: Do I have any chance of getting the lyrics anywhere, since the iTunes tracks of course did not come with a booklet? :D (Today's tracks are Shine and Lies.. I think Shine will always be one of the tracks of the day and just the other will change. :D )

Dearest greetings!

Unknown said...

As I already told you, I went to the city yesterday and bought your album. Now everybody's writing about it...
AND I didn't have the chance and time to listen to it by now :D. But I think it will be great, so far everybody likes it ;).
I don't know if I will manage it today, lots of stuff to do :(... like learning for my bachelor degree. And doing other things like not learning ;)

Anonymous said...

För att inte vara den vanliga typen av musik som jag lyssnar på så är din nya skiva faktiskt väldigt bra.
Avslutningslåten känns som en väldigt bra Disney-låt! Vackert. =)

Karin said...

Anette.... I am so happy because today, just now, I finally heard , and listened to Shine.
I am speechless, and I am in a quite emotional state :)
So beautiful . Your voice filled me, in every song . All the songs has a certain shine around them. Like pearls :)

Just absolutely magnificient!

Tack än en gång för att du finns och att du har fått en sån fantastisk gåva: din underbara röst :)
Din röst och dina sånger påverkar ens liv . Till något positivt. Kanske lite svårt att förklara... Men man blir glad av dej :)
Stor tacksam kram av

Lilys-Garden said...

Shine is already here too:-DD
I love this album. It's so charming! My favourite songs are: Watching me from afar <3, Shine and Falling:)

Thank you for this wonderful music!!

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi my dear I have my SHINE copy I'm so happy I hear it now love it <3 <3

Isa From France ;)

Melrose Triviani said...

I'm going to listening to it ! Two days and it will be released in France !
I'm enjoying this, good job !
*bad English day*

Alcyone said...

Hi Anette! It's nice to see you :)
I listen to "Shine" like the tenth time, it's really good piece of work. I'll buy it as soon as it comes out here. Although my first thought about "Shine" was like "this songs are really sad", I saw then that it's a kind of sadness that is not for forever. There's a light and always a bright new day so why keep in mind the bad feelings and sad moments. Just if we focuse on what is good and makes us and our loved ones happy, we will be really alive..
Thank you so much for this album, I'm finding life isn't as bad as it seems. You know, I just don't trust anybody, I've been hurted by people that I thought were my friends, all those relationships were just masquerades. I don't have any friends now, cause I can't let in anyone, I can't talk about what is inside me. I keep in mind what happened years ago, I miss the good moments and feel so sad when I think that those people betrayed me. Your album just makes me think about "the better tomorrow", that no matter what will happen, how somebody would hurt me, I should never give up, cause my dreams are woth to be done, I deserve to be happy.
When I think about this, I see you, who was treated very bad by people who used to be your friends, but you didn't gave up, finished "Shine" and didn't let the sadness conquer your life.
Big thanks to you, you just gave me a little hope for the future and I think it will grow everytime I'll listen to "Shine".
I didn't use to write so long messages, but I just feel that you are the person who can understand others really well and lift up the broken hearts.. A person like you is a great gift!
With love,

migi said...

Hello dear anette, its a long time ago since i wrote you. How are you? Today was the day...finally i hold your album in my hands! And its hard to find the words because i'm so so happy. I'm moved to tears. Even while i write this lines. The autumn 2012 wasn't a funny time. Neither for you nor for me, your fans or nw fans. I ask myself so many times would we hear your voice again? Then i was very relieved to hear that you work on your solo album. And now...after the long wait, i hold it in my hands and i have to say IT SOUNDS WONDERFUL!!! My favorite song is "hear me". Your voice is so clear and strong. The whole album really shines! It seems you leave the past behind. It shows us again what a strong person you are. And that's what i can do now too. After all what happened, from this day forward i can be a fan of you and your music and still a nw fan. Just in a separate way. It's the privilege of being a fan that we don't have to choose sites (my opinion). I'm sorry, that i wrote so much. I just try to say how i missed you voice. So welcome back :) :) :)

just one question. what do you think about the new within temptation Album "Hydra"?

by the way. I read it a bit to late that you were in helsinki last week. I was there that day too. I was on the way back home to switzerland from the holidays in rovaniemi. What a pitty. Well, maybe next time i will see/meet you:).

Now i wish you a good night dear anette. And big hugs as always. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,

So I have listened to your album, I have one bad thing to say about it : why was it released at the end of march?! I went to Lapland few weeks ago (since I'm an exchange student in Helsinki) and I can tell you that I would have loved to have this album with me in Lapland. It would have fitted the landscape and the atmosphere so perfectly!

Congratz for your album and I wish you the best for the next step in your career. Your voice is really addicting :)


Unknown said...

i like anette

eliete said...

Just got Shine on iTunes and I am listening to it for the first time now. I am in love with the songs. Anette, I a proud of you! I wish you a really successful career!


THK said...

I'm still waiting for my Shine, but I'm sure it's worth waiting. :) Hope you have had a good weekend! Though Sunday has been a sad day in Helsingborg as we heard in the news... :( I've never cared about football so I really can't understand that kind of "enthusiasm"...

linnea-maria said...

Nu har jag lyssnat på skivan några gånger och jag tycker den är fantastiskt bra :D Jag gillar det melankoliska soundet. Mycket vackert.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,
My copy of your album arrived today. A bit earlier than I expected which is a plus :-)
I listened to it in full and I have to say, I like it a lot considering I mainly listen to metal. I particularly like how you play around with genre in such a way where one song may be more guitar orientated and the next, might have a more poppy feel like "Floating" for example.

I'd also like to thank you, too, as you have thanked your blog readers for a great album. Here's to no. 2! :-)

James Oakes said...

Hey Anette! Just got my copy of your album in the mail today and I'm really enjoying it :) My favourite songs are Floating, Invincible and One Million Faces. Plus the pictures and the boxart are really lovely. I feel the album is very personal to you and it shows in the songs :)

My only complaint: Not enough songs! I need more!! haha.

Just wanted to say congratulations again and I hope you'll tour in the UK as well :) James x

Beth said...

Anette, your new album came in the post today and I am listening to it for the first time. It's great! I really like Floating - it has some mega Mike Oldfield vibes. Hope to see you in concert soon!

Kaoru said...

Hi, Anette! Just wanted to drop by to tell you how beautiful your album is! So soothing and sweet, and your voice is sounding really lovely. I'm enjoying it a lot! Congratulations! I hope we can see some live performances soon, too.
Good job!

Kriszti said...

I've listened to your album and it rocks! Congratulations and I hope to see you on tour :)

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettan, how are you doing? It's been a long since I last passed here but my time is short now that I entered the university, but of course I had to come to tell you about Shine.
I listened to it yesterday and what can I say? THIS IS THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR!! I know many great bands are supposed to release an album this year but I'm sure none of them will overcome the power of Shine. It's beautiful, emotional, sensitive, sad, happy, shining..I loved it so much and I can't describe what I feel everytime I listen to it. As I already said to you, my fav songs are Watching Me From Afar and Invincible, but all the songs are beautiful and amazing, there is metal, rock and all the kinds of music. So now the only thing I can think is "who needs Nightwish if we have SHINE from Anette Olzon?" I'm just waiting for you to come to Brazil and shoot a DVD here haha..and of course, cant wait for the album to be released here because I need everything *-*.
Thank you so much for sharing all of your feelings and I know this is just the beginning!!

Shine, Carol =)

Barg said...

Dear Anette!

I was a little afraid after you left Nightwish, but now I have to realizee that you are better then ever, you are shining! This album is more beautiful I ever could expect. I don't have enough money to buy the album, but until then here is Spotify. Keep beeing perfect and congrats. Best wishes for you and your family! ;)


Barg said...

Dear Anette!

I was a little afraid after you left Nightwish, but now I have to realizee that you are better then ever, you are shining! This album is more beautiful I ever could expect. I don't have enough money to buy the album, but until then here is Spotify. Keep beeing perfect and congrats. Best wishes for you and your family! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hello Anette! :-)

Whilst I was out and about in town a few days back on Monday I scouted the shops in search of your album. Alas, I could not find it anywhere :-( So instead I've had to order it over the internet which proved to be more successful :-) So my favourite lady Viking you'll be shoved through my letterbox in the next few days! :-D I'm most looking forward to your arrival :-)

Hope you are well and that all is good! :-) Take care and nighty night! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

Well, this morning the album arrived and having just listened to it I'd like to congratulate you Anette! :-) Well done! :-)

Tracks I'd definitely go for are Floating, Invincible, Falling, Moving Away, and Watching Me From Afar.

There's so much nuance in music that a lot of musicians don't realize that sometimes their original demo's capture it all. Every last little bit. I say this because it sounds as though you've used the demo of Floating, the one that's been online for the previous few years, as the master version for the album.

Watching Me From Afar sounds incredibly Nordic though Floating is your strongest slice of svenska-beat to date as the music on that one has a strong Swedish ambiance. Everywhere has it's own sound and this is something I've always been fascinated with.

I honestly don't know which track is my favourite but what I am certain about is that it's between Moving Away or Watching Me From Afar. The latter for been such a lovely song and Moving Away because it's so catchy.

Congratulations to you once again Anette, my favourite lady Viking! :-) x

Sophie said...

Hey Anette! Just bought Shine on iTunes! I'm really excited 'cause the previews sounded amazing. "Like a show inside my head" is my favorite song at the moment :p *happy*

X Sophie

Pascal said...

Hey Anette!

I want to wish you a very nice start into the weekend :). Even if it´s friday and I don´t have to get up early tomorrow I´ll go to bed now, because I´m a bit ill, with runny nose and feeling week in general, so it will be good to rest :).

Sleep well and take always good care! Lots of hugs to you :).

Thomas C. said...

Hi Anette ! I just listened to your album and I was like omfg dat's a very good job !!! I'm so in love with your voice ! Can't wait to hear new songs from you ! But for now I'll feast of your album ! The best to you dear Anette, have a shining career !

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i finally have your album!!!! i have to wait a bit more for the cd, but it came with an autorip, so it means i have the mp3,a nd that's what i'm listening... i love it, all the songs are great, you really shine on this album! my fav is invincible, it's so beautiful.... but i love all the songs! i have only one complaint: it's too short! not even 40 minutes is not very long, especially when the songs are so good....
i really love it, it's true that you could fall in love at first listening, but the songs will give all their treasures after more listenings.... and what a lovely voice you have!
thank you sweet anette, this album is really a jewel! kisses & love <3

Pascal said...

Good evening Anette!

This will be a longer post, I hope you don´t mind :). First of all, I just saw your videos on facebook and - WOW, they are awesome! Really beautiful and stunning, your voice is so great. I already commented the last one of them, but here I want to add that it´s so nice to see you, hear you singing and laughing, such a natural, beautiful laugh that really warms my heart Anette. It´s so great to know that you are happy, that is very important to me. Thank you for such beautiful, warming and funny videos, you sing so beautifully there, this gig will be amazing, I know it :).

Now to Game of Thrones :). Since long time I really think I have to get me an Iphone or so, because I really want to follow you on instagram and to comment there, but with my current mobile phone, it doesn´t work. When I can afford it, I´ll get a device to use instagram too and then I´ll tell you :). Well, you are lucky that you can see the new season already tomorrow. I still enjoy my season three box for the second time, it is the best one so far I think, and I´m sure the fourth will be super too. I wish you much fun with that :).

And because someone asked, I now know what your instagram name means. That´s something I was wondering about some times too and now that I know, I can say the idea behind is funny and I agree with you on it. There is a bit more which I´d like to tell on that issue, but this will be in another comment, maybe a private one :). But first, enjoy this evening now and take good care please! Thanks for always being there :).

With lots of love and hugs for you :).

Marianne said...

Hello! I am waiting for "Shine" to come out in North America on April 8th! I will buy it the day it comes out. Congratulations Anette on this wonderful project and career milestone for you! What an accomplishment! Thank you for the songs and sing on forever!

Estelindis said...

Hi, Anette. Finally got to listen to my copy of Shine. You've done really well. It's an excellent, very upbeat record. I love your albums with Alyson Avenue because they are really catchy and always cheer me up, even the sad songs, the ones about problems/complications, etc. Shine cheers me up in a similar but not identical way: there are fewer sad songs, so it's not so incongruous. My favourite songs are Lies, Invincible, Falling, and Watching Me From Afar. I hope that you feel really proud of what you've accomplished and that it does really well.

Unknown said...

Just got "Shine" and am listening to it now. I love it! I hope you come to New York again! Wishing you all the best!

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hello Anette ^ ^
haha, so cute ♥ I'll acquire Shine,loved the album. Congratulations and wish all luck to you.
Strong embrace of Manaus(Brazil) ♥

Anastasia said...

Dear Anette,
I would like to tell you that your first album is WONDERFUL!!!
In fact, I wasn't sure that your first album will be so professional, interesting and thrilling. My apologize to you for that. I will by your album and I'm going to write a review. Thank you for AMAZING and AWESOME work!