Sunday, March 09, 2014

And here´s todays photos too=)

Today we went to a lovely spot in a near by city called Ängelholm where they have a place called Hembygsdparken. This place is a place I also visited when I was a child and it´s for free and awesome! There´s some animals such as birds, pigs, deer, goats, mini horses, rabbits and ducks. They also have a BIG playground with lots of fun for kids in all ages and today Nemo tried the ropeway (dont know the exact word) and boy, he loved it! Had to drag him away from it;=)

Here´s the photos and there´s also some of the ocean from my morning power walk and a new boutique I passed today that probably are meant for ME cause it´s called LEOPARD and check the window:



Pascal said...

Again very beautiful pictures, so impressing! Beautiful places, beautiful animals... beautiful Anette and also such a great person :). Thanks for your nice words a few minutes ago on facebook... I don´t really know what to say at the moment, but I feel really honored. Thanks so much for being here Anette!

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie.
Wow, what a beautiful place, I do really envy you because as I said before, the power of nature is so important and strong and I miss it like hell..Brazil should try more to keep nature in =). And yeah, this boutique was made for you haha, can imagine a day when you go there and buy everything haha.
But I came here today just to tell you that I've listened to the new samples of Shine and I'm in love with it much more than yesterday. I can't wait for March 28th to listen to the whole album and to import a copy to me, thank you so much. And by the way, Watching Me From Afar is so, so beautiful, probably this will be my favourite song of the album and then Invincible, loved them!!

Have a good night.

Love, Carol

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I have to tell you, I listened to the "Get Ready to Rock Radio" - Interview yesterday and it was very cool and interesting :). You said great things and it was nice to listen to it. The songs that were played from your album were really good, especially "Shine"... wow, what a title track. Now I long for the album even more :).

Sleep well and lots of hugs to you :).

Unknown said...

Hi Nettie, congratulations on Youtube Lies 100000 - Hits, you are a very great person and I hope that you all soon on tour to Germany come, bring your whole family with you, we await you with great love ....... Greetings from Germany