Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From YLE TV Min Morgon interview

Here is another interview from last week and this is from a TV show called Min Morgon (my morning) from the 'Swedish talking channel in Finland;=)

We talk a lot about my musical background, my album, my wishes for the future, my children's musicality and more,=)


Letícia Okabayashi said...

Hey Anette, I live in Stockholm and study swedish and I translated that first radio interview on this post, to English and Portuguese (my language). How can I send it to you? Official facebook page or?

Kiss and congratulations :)


Babsy_NW said...

Hey Anette!

Thanks for sharing these links with us :). I am really looking forward to your solo album ... I'm counting down the days and it seems like an eternity :). Hopefully I will get it in my hands very soon :).

I wanted to share this link with you, it's an interview that you gave to a Portuguese radio station. I absolutely loved it :). Maybe you can visit us again in the future. We miss seeing you on stage :).

Take care.
Much love <3
Bárbara from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Tack Anette! :-)

Hehe... it feels like you're my Swedish teacher! :-D I now know what the Swedish word for my is: min :-)

From YouTube I've already picked up the Swedish word morgon means morning from the phrase God Morgon ( good morning ) :-)

During your interview I picked up Hej ( Hi ). And right at the end I very clearly heard Tack sa mycket ( thanks very much ).

When I listen in on conversations in Swedish my recognition of Swedish words seems to be strongest at the start and at the end during introductions and goodbyes. When a conversation has begun and in full swing I can make out the odd word but that's about it at the moment. Though like I said yesterday it's still very early days :-)

Tack sa mycket Anette! :-)

Unknown said...

Hi :) oh man, everything is in languages that I'm not able to speak ;). Maybe someone will put subtitles beneath the video... but somehow I understand a few words...
It's funny how similar german and swedish are in some ways... anyway, thanks for posting the interviews here :)
I'm wishing you a good night, I have to go to bed now, tomorrow I have to sign up for my bachelor exams, so important day :)

Unknown said...

Nettie, youlook sooooooooooooooo greaT! LOVE YOU!

Unknown said...

Anette ... his laugh is adorable, not only overcomes his voice during songs. Kisses!

Karin said...

You look great, Anette ! I have the same blouse, got some compliments for it . It looks good :)
It is so nice that you share all of this with us :)

Tom : :) I enjoy reading your posts :) Keep up the work with the Swedish language. You know , in Finland we speak both swedish and finnish. Swedish being the minority , about 5 % .I belong to that .... :)

Anonymous said...

@Karin: Tack sa mycket Karin! :-) I'm flattered that you enjoy reading my posts! :-D

You know, in England most of us speak nothing but English. In my country we are really lazy when it comes to learning other languages :-) When we go abroad we just naturally expect the people there to speak English :-) I don't know what it's like now but when I went to school ( and this is just over 20 years ago ) you only got started on French when you were 12 and that would be it. That's because French is considered universally to be the easiest of the European languages. Some of the kids got German lessons to as that's the second easiest I've read somewhere. Also, I think I've read that in Finland/Sweden the kids are taught English from about the age of 6 :-) A brain is much more naturally absorbent at that age, like a sponge that can soak up and hold a lot of water :-) I think in England we need to start teaching at a much younger age while the brain is still sponge-esq :-)

I think it's great that you are amongst the 5% of Swedish speaking Finn's! :-) That's a hell of a small percentage :-) If I ever get a good hold of Swedish I've actually been thinking of tackling Finnish :-) Initial impression is Finnish looks very hard and complicated :-) So I'll stick to just Swedish for now :-)

Thanks again for your nice comment! :-) I really appreciate it! :-)