Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Suomi perkele,=)

So tomorrow I´m heading over to Helsinki, Finland for a long nice promo day on Friday;=) Will be TV, Radio and magazines so SUOMI - see you soon!!!


Unknown said...

Anette ... good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hahahah xD Love the title :D U rock girl ;)

Karin said...

Wow ! Ha haa :) ! You are so very welcome !
Can you reveal anything .... ? Which tv- programme ?

Ha det så bra här ! Ska du shoppa någonstans?
Hoppas "Hesa" , som vi kallar Helsingfors, visar sin bästa sida:)

Pascal said...

Oh yes, I wish you lots of fun and luck for the promo day :). I hope we can see the results then.

It was fun at the gym, we went to another one since the one we planned first is at renovation, but it was great. Good atmosphere and a fair price with drinks included so we will stay there :).

Anyway, I wish you a great day tomorrow, have fun and please take good care! I´m looking forward to hearing from you again.

With lots of hugs to you :).

Unknown said...

Karin; yeah, a morning show at YLE a swedish one called Min Morgon friday morning then I will go to Radio Rock, Iltalehti, Savonsanomat, YLE3XM and so on=)

Karin said...

Thank you Anette for the info :) Will check it out for sure ! Good luck

Unknown said...

Yay :). I hope it won't be too exhausting and that everything will go smoothly. Have a nice trip :). And show us the results ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck in Finland today Anette! :-) Though you probably won't need it as I'm sure you'll be fabulous! :-)

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie.
Hope you're doing fine in Finland, can't wait to see what you're doing there haha..and of course I hope soon this will be here in Brazil =).
And God, only 8 days are missing for Shine, will I hold on till there?

Love, Carol

Antti Uski said...

Oh my God you're coming here! I can't wait I'm super happy now!!

from: Your fan since 2007

(P.S I love the title!;=))

Unknown said...

Cool I'm an exchange student in Helsinki unfortunately I don't have tv but I'll be able to listen to the radio!!!!

I also saw that you will perform in Finland in june but I will be gone by then :(

Anyway rakastan sinua :)
Go Anette!

Pascal said...

Hey Anette :).

I read on instagram that you were waiting for the plain. I have no idea how much time a flight takes from Helsinki to your airport, but I think you are on your way and that´s good to know :).

When you are back, I have some words for you here which I might have said in a similar way already, but they shall express that I´m very proud of you and the way you are making. Wonderful things come up to you and I´m happy for you, because you deserve that all :). And I´m very thankful that you let us take part, it´s just beautiful and something really wonderful.

I wish you a very nice friday evening back home and a great start into the weekend :).

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I hope that you're fine, I haven't a lot of time to write you some nice comments really often but I'm so exciting by all the good news that you share with us !
I was really happy to see that you'll be in a festival this summer ! If only you can come in France too... :-D
In one week your album will be realease in France, I'm waiting for it !
A lot of hugs, and have a nice sunday with your family.

THK said...

I saw some of your interviews today, really nice interviews, loved to see and hear your laughter again! :)