Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Catching fire

Hi all,

Some days ago me and Johan had a movie night and watched the second film in the Hunger Games series. I loved the first movie and didn´t expect the second to be as good as that one, BUT it was!!

I loved this one too and now I long to see the third! I almost think of reading the third book=)

If you´ve seen this movie - what did you think? 


Anonymous said...


I didn't like the first movie... Last Sunday I watched "Dallas Buyers Club". Was a really nice movie. 2 Oscar winners in the leading role ;-))

Sometimes I think the books are better than the movies. Most of the time they forget important parts.

Enjoy your day :)

Anonymous said...

God morgon Anette :)
I have only read the first two books so far and I watched the first movie because it was on tv. I haven't watched the second one yet but I guess I'm going to soon. Moreover, I need to read the third book because the ending of the second book made me really curious.

Hope you have a nice day. :)
Hälsningar från Tyskland

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh yes, it´s a really great one. I must admit that when part one was in cinemas I thought it was ok but wasn´t so keen on it. I think I also mentioned that here when it was actual. This part two I saw with two friends and I found it totally great and then, I watched part one again and meanwhile I must say that both parts belong to my real favourites concerning films. The story is just so great and intelligent I find, when you think about what the plot wants to explain. Me too, I long for part three :). I don´t know if you heard about it, but it´s a pity that Philip Seymour Hofman, who played Plutarch Heavensby in part two, died in february. I don´t know much about him, but I think it´s terrible when someone dies so from me, R.I.P. to him.

And me too, after part two I decided to read the books because of this cliffhanger at the end of the film which is really mean. But I want to start at the beginning so I already own the first two books but haven´t read them so far. I still am into "A Song of Ice and Fire", now into the last book of the german versions and on monday, I ordered the english ones, mostly because I´ll give a presentation about the first book in english and today, they arrived. All five books together to a good price :). but reading them in english is something I planned in general some time ago, I think it´s a great exercise to improve the language and learn more about it.

I wish you a nice day and by the way, your crossfit photos are a great impression :). Me and some friends were at the gym last week too because we want to start with it (for me it´s mostly about losing weight), but it is quite expensive so today, we will head to another one I heard from yesterday that isn´t that expensive and try it out. Hope it will be fun :). Enjoy your day Anette, take good care and lots of hugs to you! :).

Mandy said...

The movies are great and so are the books ! The third one changed my life so much x)
I'm happy to see you like them as well ;-)

Have a great day, Anette !

Unknown said...

Hello, Anette!

I'd like to advice to to read the third book but I don't like it, so I wouldn't do it=)
First book is my favourite in this set. But I hope you will like it.

Wish you good luck,

Anonymous said...

I've not seen Catching Fire yet but while it was been shown in the movie houses a few months back I decided to watch the first Hunger Games on Netflix one cold wintery evening :-) I enjoyed it and I intend to watch Catching Fire at some point.

I don't know about Sweden but here in England Anette, when all the big new movie releases are being shown in the cinema, they are plastered onto the sides of double-decker buses to advertise them. I distinctly remember late last year when Catching Fire was being shown in the movie houses, the double-decker bus that was approaching me on the other side of the road with Katniss aiming her bow and arrow at me as it drove past :-D

Have a nice evening Anette! :-)

Vicky ♡ said...

Catching Fire is my "new" all time favourite movie since I first saw it! I loved it so much, more than the first one, and in my opinion it's even greater than the book. I want to watch it again so badly, though I have to wait for the DVD to come out, sigh. So, for me it's an awesome film, even though I didn't really enjoy the book.
Sleep well and good night,

Unknown said...

Hi Anette !

I loved Catching Fire too, I can't wait to see the third movie. You should read the third book if you have time, I had read the trilogy after seeing the first movie and I promise it didn't steal me my excitement and joy for the second movie.

I know it has nothing to do, but I had read your interview in Rock Hard (the March issue in France - yes, I'm French, please forgive me if my english isn't perfect...) and I wanted to thank you for your honests answers (about Nightwish and about your solo album coming).

I love the song "Falling" (and I'm mostly a rock and metal fan, I think you don't have to worry about that, because really, I don't care and people shouldn't care about the "category", what counts is whatever the music is good or not - I listen to some pop too, I'm not close-minded).

So I can't wait for the release of your album, I'm gonna buy it for sure, because you have talent and I like what you're doing.

I wanted to thank you also for explaining why you're not in Showtime, Storytime, because when I bought it, I wasn't even aware of all that, I search informations about it after discover what happened, and I admit I was very sad not having a DVD live of Nightwish with you. Now that you said all about it, I understand and I'm not disappointed about this anymore, so thanks for your explanations <3

I wish you success for you career and happiness in all aspects of your life (it's a little late I know, but congratulations for Mio, didn't have the occasion to tell you before, sorry <3)

Love from France,

Catherine ~

Unknown said...

Hi :). I have only seen the first one from this trilogy and it was quite good. I don't think that it's the best ever, like some do, but good.
I haven't seen the second one but maybe I will... if you say that it's so good ;)... and if I already saw the first one, I have to watch the rest.
Maybe I should also read the books, somehow I enjoy reading much more than watching movies and it annoys me that every book has to be made into a movie.

Carmen said...

heeey :) i loved the first one but i loved even more the second one...and after i saw the second one i went crazy on reading the third book...and so i did and i dont regret it at all!!! now i cant wait for the third go ahead!! read the third book sure you'd LOVE it!!!

Sophie said...

Hi Anette!

I really loved it and actually started reading the entire trilogy afterwards. I was completely addicted to the story for 2 weeks :D Every time I was done with something I had to do, I was like "oh, yes, this means I can read some more!"

Looking forward to the third one, I heard they were going to split it like they did with Harry Potter 7...

X Sophie

Rebel said...

it was good! for me second part was even better than the first one!

Beth said...

The third book will rip your heart out, but for go it! I've read the trilogy a few times now and I still love it. IN fact you're making me want to read them all again...

Hunger Gaaames!!