Monday, January 12, 2015

My favorite make up products=)

Hi all!

So today I thought I´d make a post about what make up products I use the most at the moment so here we go!

My foundation is a mix of two - one lighter from CHANEL that I mix with a darker one from MAKE UP STORE. More about these another day. Today I only show you my weekday make up and when it comes to rouge, powder and so on.

I don't want to much make up on my eyes in the regular day so I focus on my lips and I LOVE red lips and the best one is without a doubt YSL! It´s like a lipgloss combined with lip stick and it lasts on for many many hours. Perfect!

For concealer I use the triple one from KICKS and I normally mostly use the one that takes away redness on the sides of my nose and on my nose. 

For powder I use a transparent fast powder from ESTÉE LAUDER and for rouge I always first use a bronzer rouge by MAKE UP FOREVER and then I top with a pink rouge from YSL

For mascara I use a new water proof one from EYEKO that gives me perfect thick and long lashes and also stays on even during my hard cross fit sessions=) 5/5 points for that!!

There´s my easy make up for normal days=) Will post more party ones and so on soon!



Unknown said...

Hi Anette! Does the lipstick have a name? Gorgeous colour!

Pascal said...

And well, I´m for sure no expert on make - up, so all I can say is that you are a natural beauty in my opinion, but it looks very good though and when you are content with the products, then for sure they are the right ones for you :).

Have a good night and take good care!

Henk said...

looks great!

Lina said...

Love the red lips and your skin is luminous! I am a makeup addict and love to read about what other women use! I love Lumene skin products... The Finns know great skin! And since I have almost 100 lip colors I can't possibly pick just one... ;-)


Metal Nicks said...

Hi Anette,

I really do not know why you wear makeup for because you are very beautiful without any makeup on!!

You are natural beautiful you do not need any makeup! :-)

Love and hugs from Illinois US!
Ross :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello there pretty lady :-) x

Unknown said...

hello queen
you make part of my life anette
I love you forever
thanks for your existence <3

Unknown said...

hello queen
you make part of my life anette
I love you forever
thanks for your existence <3