Thursday, January 22, 2015

And as I walk into the light...

… I feel so happy and rejoiced=)

As I´ve told you all I know this year will be wonderful! I am finally going to sing a lot again and I have MISSED it so much!

So many fun things coming and next week I´ll head over to Suomi again to record a wonderfully fun TV-show!

But today - email, exercising and cosing with my children who´m I missed being away!

Love and hugs and SHINE!!!


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It´s so, so great to see you happy! That really makes me happy too, because I think that you are such a great person and that you deserve to be happy and to be well. Great to see that it´s like that :).

You were surely right with that this year will be great. I can feel it too and I´m so looking forward to see you and hear you sing in that show. I still find this news really exciting and I know that it you will be wonderful in it :).

But for now, I wish you all the best, a really good time and a nice and enjoyable afternoon today. Also a happy start into the weekend to you and I hope that your weekend will be amazing :).

Lots of hugs and love also to you and you are right... SHINE and lift your head high :).

Lucinda said...

Gorgeous picture! I'm glad you're happy and refueled, and of course that you're going to sing some more. Because that can only mean one thing: more videos online of you singing! ;)