Saturday, February 02, 2013

Wine anyone?

So, Motörhead´s wine is having a sucess and now they are gonna release it in a cool bag-in-a-box version that looks like a guitar amplifier. And this is the worlds first rock wine in a bag in a box;=)

Cool idea and since I like their wine and the bottle I think we need to try this when I can drink wine again;=)


XxBriannaxX said...

Haha that is awesome! I'll have to try it. ;-)

Meghan H. said...

That is awesome! That would be nice to just have on display even :D

Ok I'm in a Motorhead mood tonight hahaha

Have a lovely day Anette xo :)

Océane said...

It looks cool ! :)
And do you like the Nightwish wine? As I dont like wine I cant taste it! Hehe! Did you help when it was time to chose wich one? I know they hesistated between one in Los Angeles and the one they finally picked, in Spain!

Have a great day!
Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Brianna; Yeah, I think it´s a really cool package;=)

Meghan; Yeah, I must say that this is the rockiest wine I´ve seen;=)

Océane: I haven´t tasted the wine and I haven´t been involved in the process. It´s Tuomas baby;=)

Océane said...

Oh okay! Thanks for your answer :)
At least its a great saving for Nightwish with all the wine he drinks! No need to buy others wines! Ahah :)

Love and Hugs

Meghan H. said...

Everything is 'rocky' or metal when Lemmy's involved ;) hahaha, Lemmy is just a freaking GOD!

Also have you seen Iron Maiden's wines? They've done a few, not that I've not tried any though, I don't drink wine.

eskoplja said...

Hi Nettie :)
I absolutely love Motorhead and the wine package looks freaking amazing! I'll have to try it :)
Do you like Motorhead?
Wish you a lovely day!

Ena :*

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Cool box.
But i don´t like Wine so much.
As a child, there was at my relatives beef or venison roast, which was always soaked in red wine and in the wine then the sauce was made​​. It tasted terrible.

Even so I do not quite understand what is so great to wine.
Against a Coka Cola from a band or a fruit juice, even more would be my thing. And this in such a cool box like this.

Have a nice Weekend.


Karin said...

Hahaaa! I am going to buy this for my brother! He is a musician, so this could be perfect for him! He doesn't like the band very much, but the package is so cool!
Hmmm. I bought the Imaginaerium-wine, and got a really bad headache ......:)

Unknown said...

Ciao dear!It's great to see you in such a perfect shape and pregnancy adds charm and sweeterness to your look!You know..they made the Nightwish winetoo..we have to try both..!Maybe the Nightwish wine will taste a bit bitter for you...but i'm sure it can bring back good and happy moments of your past..:-)Stay well!

Beatrix said...
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Anonymous said...

I think when bands start to "make" their own wine they just want to earn more money --" So that's why I dislike the whole idea...

Few weeks ago I drank BIO wine and it was great! But still I prefer mead! The best 'wine' you can get! ;-))

Piadora said...

I love that box! Thanks for the tip, have to keep those boxes in mind for the next party, Motörhead makes drinking box wines classy :)

Khaos86 said...

Hi dear! I don't like the idea of selling wine when a band choose to do it. For me it's like they reached the bottom. It's only a silly way to gain some money. When you can't do it with your music, than you try with this predictable stuff.
But I admit that the Motorhead's box is really cool and maybe nicer than the Nightwish one. Where the wine comes? I know that Nightwish's wine is Spanish and well, Spain isn't renowned for its wines :) I think that it's like dirty water ahah
I'm Italian, I'm not a wine expert, but we know how to make good wine :) There's a sort of fight between us and French for the quality of our wines, but for me there is no comparison. We are the best! :)
I hope you're fine sweetie. Have a nice day!