Sunday, February 03, 2013

Weekend outfits

So here are my outfits from this weekend, all gathered;=)
And also, new little outifts I´ve gotten for the baby;=)

Old pants from Dsquared2 combined with my old but lovely blouse from Zara with rhine stones on the arms. 

Belly belt still in use. Love this invention!

Got these new stuff from Zara and I love the stars pattern and the yellow;=) And the pants! Coolio!

 All from Zara;=)

Here I´ve got leggings from Gina Tricot to match this sweater;=)

And newly in for the baby from Zara:

Enjoy this last day of the week;=)


XxBriannaxX said...

You look so beautiful as always! I really love the stripe outifit. Its so cute. :-) and love the new baby clothes! Enjoy your evening!

Océane said...

You look absolutely gorgeous dear!! :)
And I love your hair!
Do you think about turninf blond again? Like on your profile photo? Love that color on you! :)

Hope you had a great day at the mall! Good that shops are open on sunday in sweden! In france there are closed :(
That what I miss from UK, when i was living there I loved to go shopping on sunday!

Enjoy this evening!
Love and Hugs

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
You're so sweetie & beautiful !!
I hope you have past a good and rest Week end ?

New clothes your son are too cute!

There a few days ago I wrote a song, could you tell me what you think?
I do not know if I should put it directly or not? So I post; p

I dream of a silent night
And a piano black
I dream of a red dress
A pianist and tail costume

Oh my sweet lover ...

Together we sing to the moon and the stars,
Together we play for Forests and Oceans
We would leave to sail the seas of the world
Under the eyes of thousands of stars,
Under the watchful eye of our friend Pleïade
We will sail until the end of time
Dancing to the four winds

Oh my sweet lover ...
We play the sweet and innocent love ballad

A sweet melody white
At the dawn pale and cold winter morning
We would build a palace of ice
Under the blazing rays of heavenly light

Together we sing to the moon and the stars,
Together we play for Forests and Oceans.

I hope you enjoy :D
Good evening to you & you're familly my dear.
See you

eskoplja said...

Really cool stuff! I love the pants, they look a bit like Tim Burton style :) and baby clother are really cute!
Wish you a nice evening

Ena :*

MM said...

Really nice outfits! I loved the pants from Coolio! The whole outfit looks so funny! Really nice!

Dark Queen said...

Nice outfits! I really like the onr on the 4th photo :)
You are really nice and you look so happy. I can't wait to know if you baby is a little boy or a little girl. My guess is that you'll have a little girl. Let's see ;) The only thing I can do is wait the birth of the little one.
Enjoy the evening ♥

Päihteetön said...

So beautiful ! :) and beutiful clothes <3

Nalon said...

evening Anette,
the baby stuff are so cute^^.

The last sweater, withthe big yellow star, Look really great on you.

Today we all had a madman family outing :)
And enjoy the evening with my real Japanese sweets. The I got a thank you from Japan.

Because I sent him many stamps because he wrote it in his Postcrossing profile that he collects stamps.

Enjoy your evening and sleep well.


Ps: And I find this story in your "Oprah But - what's this" Post I find no good. Pregnancy is not a reason for dismissal.

~MidnightFairy~ said...

Lovely outfits as always!
Have a good night ^_^


AlessandraWilderness said...

Nice outfits and the ones for the baby are sooo cute!! ^^ I can see your pregnancy is going very well, isn't it? =)
Mél has written a beautiful song, great work! =)
My band and I are composing our songs, when they'll be ready can I share them with you? We're engaging so much and I'm proud of the guys, that is my boyfriend and my friends, they are great composers! My task is to write the lyrics and arrange the vocal parts both the male and the female ones, we are a great team!
three days ago I went to the city where I study at university (I live in a town 80 km far from there) and went to H&M and found a lot of nice things, I've thought about you in that moment! And I discovered they've opened Sephora in the same city *_________* finally!!!!!!! I'm so happy for this =) =)