Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So, this is a new artist, Zara Larsson,  that is on the uprising here in Sweden. 15 years young and I must say she sounds like Rihanna. Good or bad? What do you think?;=)


Micha said...

Yeah she sounds really like Rihanna. But I don´t like Rihanna´s voice. It´s getting on my nerves very quikly.

This girls has a good voice but I don´t like it...does that make any sense?^^

Dark Queen said...

Hi Anette!
You're right, she sounds like Rihanna. I like her :) But she's sooooo joung.
Oh, you're so big, but I must say that you have sense of fashion and you're beautiful as always. I like your jeans:)
Enjoy the day and than you so much for your photos :)

Océane said...

Wow she sounds great! But yeah she really reminds me of Rihanna, less "rude" ! ahah

About the Ash, for now I found that shop who ship to Sweden :

And I love those ones so much :

I'll keep searching!

Love and Hugs

Océane said...

There you go, an other one (quite hard to find swedish website):

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

A realy nice Voice.:) She can become a good singer.:)

It´s make my day a littel bit better. Today I have not passed the driving test again.

Listen to her voice because I have a little ;) To get my Happynes back.

Enjoy your day,


Unknown said...

I agree, she does sound a lot like Rhianna. It's good to have influences but you don't want them to show too much because I think originality is more important :)

Rebel said...

she sounds amazing, shes better than Rihanna, shes more natural> thanks Anette for share with us that great song and singer :) take care
greetings from Poland ;*

Unknown said...

HI Nettan!!!

My God, i love her voice and the song, so beautiful.

I would like to have a voice like hers, I'd love to be a singer, but I'm not as fluent English is a little difficult.

Raffaella - Brazil

eskoplja said...

She really has a lovely voice and the song is nice too :)
Wish you a nice day, hope you are well :)


Ena :*

saskia said...

I think she has a very good voice and yes she sounds a bit like Rihanna. But I think she is a bit to young for career and she should wait 2-4 years ( she is my age and I think to much trouble with media in this age isnt good but thats my opinion)

Betty Blue said...

Yup, you´re right, sounds like Rihanna. Ergo, I don´t like her singing. But it´s impressing, it really is. I mean, she´s fifteen! Good voice for a girl her age.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I only had to listen to this song for a minute and I'm on YouTube looking for more songs from her EP (since Spotify doesn't have her stuff for the US). She's really good, I actually like her more than Rihanna. Thanks for sharing! :)

Katy Marie said...

I can appreciate her talent, but I just don't like her style of singing. Rihanna has a unique-sounding voice, and with that comes people who love the music for that, and also who don't like the music for the same reason. She may face the same thing, however, it will help her get noticed. But I am impressed; she probably has a future if she sticks to it.

Katy Marie said...

BUT...she really should continue on. 15 is a GREAT age to start. Rihanna actually first popped into mainstream at 15, if I recall. I don't regret many things in life, but one thing I regret is not jumping in and taking risks at that age. I had an amazing opportunity to sing in a band, which I turned down because I wanted to go to college and get a job. Well who knows where I could have been??? There are many more opportunities for someone in high school as far as music goes; many contests and programs done through schools. Not so much now that I'm in my 20s.

I hope this girl keeps it up!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hello dear
I missed you. Well, now that I'm not taking many medicines, can comment here. BUT, I have classes on Saturdays and Sundays. Oh God, why? haha
yeah, this girl is very good. It really looks like Rihanna. Beautiful voice.
Hey, check out the first image. It's so much fun, I think you'll like.
'' Danette '' haha♥
So dear, good night to you and your family. See you tomorrow :)


shay said...

Hmmm....yes she's really good
..yes she sounds like rihanna...especially when she hits lower question.. she has talent.....i remember first hearing Madonna ..ala HOLIDAY.. i thought she reminded me of diana ross...i thought she was a black singer...untill everyone got to see her videos.. months later....she now.decades and.legend later...she sounds like herself... i also used to think mariah sounded like the beginning... but of coarse mariah grew into a star and style and talent of her time will tell about this new little arrtist...

July said...

Hey Anette!!

I discovered a video of you that I've never seen before. And I have to say you sang like angels! well you still sing like angels, even better than they ;D

This is the video:

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Yeah, she does sound like Rihanna. I even think it sounds like Rihanna's song Umbrella has been ripped off a bit for this.

Not really my cup of tea. Though she'll probably be massive anyway. If not in my country then probably your country Anette :-)

Take care Anette! :-) Night night! :-)

Unknown said...

Anette! Anette Olsson Fan Site has made a special video/present for you :D please watch it!! and tell me what you think! we made it with love!

here's the link:

Unknown said...

Oh anette! another fan sent a photo for you :D i forgot to put her on the video :/ here's the link to her message for you:

MaidenMty said...

Hi Anette!
I found this video, and thought you could like it..

Good morning, Anette :)

linnea-maria said...

Om hon bara kunde sluta härma Rihanna och försöka hitta sin egen stil skulle hon vara helt fantastisk. Hon har ju alla möjligheter att bli något större än en kopia :)

Petra said...

Wow! She has really nice voice. And sounds like Rihanna, but I don't like Rihanna so much.. But I think that she is too young. Like Robin. He is only 14, and very popular.. In Finland. He sings in finnish : D and is from Turku, so am I.
But, I said this before: Zara has really, really nice voice! And she is beautiful, too :3 So are you , Anette.
Sorry for my bad English, if it was badxD

Kriszti said...

Hm I wouldn't have gotten the idea that she sounds like Rihanna by myself but I see (or rather hear ☺) where you're coming from. Her voice is really beautiful :) Speaking of talented young people, the other day I discovered this guy's channel and I was instantly amazed by his music, it's fantastic! If you have some time or you're bored, you should check his channel out, I think you'll like his songs :)