Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sometimes a day can start...

....with the most wonderful message and today I got a nice message that made me relieved and happy:=) Nothing I can share, I am sorry, but it made MY life much more relaxed;=)

What are your plans for this wonderful day? Let me know!


Betty Blue said...

Good to hear that you had a good start today ;-)
I´m having no plans for today except watching "Two and a Half Men" later on. I love id xD Oh yes, and I need to go out and buy new cigarettes, but I think I won´t do that today. Maybe tomorrow... Smoking hurts too much at the moment anyhow, so at least one good thing about being ill xDD I´m smoking less. That must be regarded positive ^^
But for now I think I´m going back to bed.
Have a nice day!
Love, Betty

Océane said...

Glad you had a great news! Happy for you!! :)
Today, work work and work! A bad and boring day :( and tomorrow the same thing!

Enjoy your day! And again, happy for you! You truly deserve the best. The sweet and wonderful person you are deserve to have daily miracles and good news!

Love an Hugs

linnea-maria said...

Oj vilken vacker ljusstake, eller är det en luciakrona? Vad skönt att få ett meddelande som lyfter tyngden från axlarna :) Kram

Anonymous said...

good morning anette! , well my plan is stay with my mother and play in the psp my favourite videogame resident evil xd. Very soon i will back to the school so i must take advantage of the free time I have left and do something interesting. have a nice day nettan!

saskia said...

My plan today was writing a history class test and now some relaxing from school and later on I do skype with my friends. have a nice day

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hi Anette! News that one day we will know or things that are such personal? Well, my day will be full of work, and then university for a 'how to do logos' class. I like it :D

Wish you a day more wonderfull that are now...

Unknown said...

Good morning to you
Here in Costa Rica the weather is perfect the sun is shining and the sky is clear
today i'm taking care of my niece and in the afternoon we will have a little walk so I hope the weather is good as now
i'm glad to hear you are happy you deserve because you a sweet heart
Take care and lots of kisses and hugs to you

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Today i had 2 driving lesson.
Last week I have not done it again to pass the driving test.:/
But I will not give up Do I have the license.>:D

Soon I will make the living room more clean, so we celebrated tomorrow can set up the room again.

Then follows the suspension of your picture in my room and a clean-up in my room.
Where I will then sort out many things which I do not Need.

Have a happy day!


Anette Olzon Brasil said...

it's great to get good news.
Well, now I'm curious haha
something that will tell one day?
Jag älskar dig ♥


Party Poison said...

I'll be having band practice with my bandmates to prepare or a big gig on Friday :)

Isabelle said...

Hello Anette!

I'm very glad to hear your day is wonderful! I really think you deserve it! :D

I just came back from the gym, I have university this afternoon and later I will have a nice restaurant with some friends!

Have a pleasant day and take care! :)

Dalma said...

For today? Are you really interested? Well, then let’s see.

Getting up at 6, going to university and trying to pay attention in lessons. As you mentioned plan, then everything went according to it: Linear algebra, Mathematical analysis, Biochemistry and Physics. I wrote two good tests. I arrived at home at half past 6, relatively early. So as I have plenty of time now I decided to write my programming homework, both C++ and Matlab. But maybe I delay this one because I rather want to learn Swedish instead. And tomorrow is not a hard day, only 8 lessons and no tests. By the way, I’ve told you already but if you have a problem with your studies you can ask me any time. But I guess these days you don’t care about studying. =) (I say just because what we learn in Biochemistry is totally nowhere on the Internet. Neither in my language nor in English.)

I got a nice book from a friend from Sweden. The book is about the Swedish culture, politics, family life and everything and it’s in ‘lätt svenska’, so I can understand it easily. There are some funny things about Swedes in it and I think of you every time when I read them laughing so much. :D And my brain slowly starts to stand into ‘Swedish mode’. With English it took 4 years, with Swedish 6 months. So exciting to think about visiting your country one day. =) I’m a big fan of the newspaper Metro and I noticed that I can read its Swedish version on the Internet. A little hard to me, but I’ll practice. =)

Here the whole family is ill except me of course. I'm never ill though I don't eat healthy. Am I not good? =)

At least, can’t you tell us if it was a fan or a friend of yours who wrote that wonderful message to you? And by the way I wanted to send you an e-mail but finally didn’t because somewhere I’ve read you don’t receive e-mails these days. Is it true then?

Anyway, it’s good to hear you were happy today. I imagine you reading the message and smiling all the time then. =) I wonder what was inside.

Have a good night,