Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New age/relaxation

I just took a LONG relaxing bath for me and the baby with some relaxing oil in it from ABANHA and relaxing New age music to make us relaxed.

When I was 24 I worked in a New age store here in my city and ever since I´ve loved new age music and the relaxed feeling it gives me. When I´m on tour I meditate before every show for 30 minutes and it really helps. I am not a stressed person but still it gives me the feeling of being here and now and I think we all need that.

I worked in an office for many years and there we got education in mediation during our working hours. We used transcendental mediation and it helped us all so much. I went down to our resting room during our lunch break and meditated for 20 minutes every day. It really gives an energy boost to work better in the afternoon, when most people often get tired and not so good at concentrating. So if you haven´t tried mediation or mindfulness, I can recommend it.

On tour I used videos from youtube to help me calm down so there you can search for mediation and you´ll find short videos as well as longer ones.

Here´s the playlist I used today for me to relax in the bath and the active little on inside fell asleep directly;=)


Serafim said...

Maybe I should try it. As I have a lot of work and household chores nowadays. Thanks for sharing, dear Nettie!=)

Glad that your day started with such nice thing like bath - it's really enchanting ;=)

Enjoy your day!
Lots of love and hugs

OneOfTheLostOnes said...

Hej Anette!

Jag mediterar också, då det ingår i min religion. Under två timmar brukar jag meditera, åtta gånger om året.
Sen gör ju jag det lite då och då, men då brukar jag bara lyssna på musik och då kommer jag in i det här "harmoniska" tillståndet.
Jag har varit del av New Age rörelsen i nästan fem år, sen jag började praktisera häxkonst.
Jag kom ut ur kvastskåpet för ett år sedan, men det känns fortfarande konstigt att säga till folk att man är häxa. Visst möter man hat och okunnighet, men man får bita ihop och tänka att det här valet jag har gjort är bra för mig, och att ingen kan ta det här ifrån mig.

Ha en bra dag! :)


Unknown said...

Oeehhh I like it!!!!

I'm at school now hahaha


Meghan H. said...

For relaxing I actually tend to listen to some heavier stuff often, or sometimes soundtracks from my favourite video games because they bring back some really beautiful memories. Right now relaxing to Iron Maiden's Wasted Years, and really what I say other than 'So understand, don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years, face up, make your stand, and realise you're living in the golden years'?

What I'd say soothes me most is listening to your singing, I never have heard anything more beautiful than your voice.

Have a lovely day Anette, much love from Australia ;)

Meghan H. said...

Hey Sabine Sharktale, hope you're doing ok atm :hug:

Unknown said...

Sounds good! We have here in Amsterdam the Conservatorium Hotel with a spa called Ayesha. They do a special pregnant woman massage. I give you the link to the blogpost I made about the hotel and the spa.


Betty Blue said...

Sounds like some sort of progressive muscle relaxation xD My physiotherapist made me do this a few times until I told her that if she ever again wanted me to imagine the "warmth of the sun on my belly" she would have to go outside with me, let me lie in the snow and wait if I feel any sun in the real world. After this she quit PMR with me, I know it was a pretty childish and sullen thing to do yet I got some comfort from doing it. Plus, I was given the opportunity to do more occupational therapy than pysio, which was really a relief xD
I hope you have a great day!
Love, Betty

Philippa said...

Hej Nettie, that's lovely. I love listening to relaxing music too in the bath, and sometimes I bring a book with me as well hehe.

I was just having a look on the Ugg Australia website, and they have these really cute leopard print baby booties so of course I immediately thought of you.
Wouldn't they look nice on your baby?

Hugs, and enjoy your day!

Yokai Sofia said...

Nice tips. When I feel to be stressed out or I just need to switch off all my colleauges and the world I listen to the tunes of native Americans and it is just so wonderful and calming. :o) Have a wonderful day!

July said...

Hey Anette!

A relaxing bath, that sounds very nice! you and baby deserve it a very relaxed day =)

Oh and looks these candles: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1lw536bJosQ/T7a3DYGwzjI/AAAAAAAAACQ/eBoD24BeM-k/s1600/Candle+Gift.jpg aren't nice?

I'm going to give a chance to new age music!

Have a nice nice afternoon, and enjoy these beautiful moments!

Anonymous said...

This is not really a song for relaxation, but it is just so incredibly beautiful, truthful and from the heart that I had to share it with you.


"Love that will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free"

Unknown said...

I want to try it! Because I need it, especially this week... Thanks for the sharing with us!
Have a nice day, dear Anette!
Love and Hugs ;)

Cleo said...

I agree with you Nettie. Meditate is so good before every exam or stressing things. I don't use new age music but only one song which work everytimes on me, as a ritual: Stairway to heaven from Led Zepellin.
If I want to relax I also listen to a french shoegaze band called Alcest. I advise you to listen to their album "Printemps Emeraude" it bring happiness and serenity!

Stella said...

I love your blog anette ! Even if I never comment on your posts I just wanted to tell u how much I admire you ♥ thanks for everything you re such a good person ! I wish u the best for your pregnancy and your future and I hope to hear your wonderful voice again as soon as possible ! Kisses

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
I love the music there, they are soothing and relaxing ... I often use when I feel that I do little more ...
I associate with yoga gesture just like a tree or lotus ... and force my mind to empty, I find it more relaxing than sleeping times, it is so soothing than a few minutes is enough to leave ...
Good rest Anette ;)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Nothing beats a relaxing bath, with good music.
I am cautiously hire with New Age. As some people put too much fantasy in simple narrative.
So some people that I have met were caught so much in their New Age world. That was nothing they could do more with the modern world.

I can enjoy every kind of music. When you meditate, it depends on the breathing and there can help hard rock as well as a medieval song.

I'd buy something New Age Music gift. But listen to it again once I have sold. Reason, the music was too annoying. She made me aggresive. Is somehow funny. Others are quiet through the music and I might instantly beat around me.:D

I'm sorry if I so speak my mind. But sometimes I can not keep my hands still.

Enjoy using the evening, Anette. And I listen to relaxing drying your song "Falling".;)


Duende said...

Oh my god, I heard your demo "Falling" and I can't wait the full album. You're awesome.

Greetings from Mexico.

Unknown said...

Hey anette!

I musst say I love your new song :-) great music....I love your voice so much. Thank you for that :-)

LindaS said...

Hello dear Nettie
I love a bath in the morning, and I usually take one at night too. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and a bath helps more than any medications. I also listen to calming music in the afternoon. I take a break from the day then. I listen to Enya, Deep Forest and sometimes Sarah Brightman.

Have a wonderful evening..enjoy your family!


Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
I love joga, but unfortunately haven't got enough patience. I prefer dance or sing. Anette, you can't imagine how I am afraid to said to my classteacher that I want to take part in school competition. I hate my shyness! As you know I also write my own songs and the other day I have started to write my song which will named "Blood rose". I re-saw the old movie "Beauty And The Beast" and this song about the rose's role in it. Ohhh, I must come to my classteacher tomorrow. Must! Anette and what do you think about this idea?

With Love,

Taaja said...

Thank you for sharing this!
I hope you're having a nice evening right now.


Taaja said...

Oh yes..
I'm just listening to demo Falling, and already the very first seconds enchanted me.. it is amazing! I am really looking forward to this album.

You wrote the lyrics, right? It all sounds so good..

I'm so excited right now, hehe.. :)


Yanna said...

Hello Anette ~

I don't listen very much this kind of music but I think, I really need it actually.
I'm so sad actually, I've heard that a 13 years old killed it's self 2 days ago. I was on the same school when he was 3 and I was 9. Even though I didn't really know him, it's such an awful thing. He was bullied by people of his school. I wish I could have help him.

I'm going to take a long bath and listen to these music, trying to forget.

Sending you a lot of love ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette - have you ever thought to make public playlists on Spotify? This way you can link us directly to your playlist, and we can listen too!

I know you may not want to, but I really love your taste in music, and this would be such a great way to share!

Niwi said...


Do you like New Age?
Did you hear to "Karunesh" music project?
Its wonderful!

A big big hug :)


Joellen said...

My favorite CD to relax to is Hilary Stagg's Dream Spiral. (Electric harp). You and the baby may like it. I usually fall asleep by the end of the 2nd track. Also, old Yanni CD called In My Time has some nice tracks.:)