Monday, February 04, 2013

Movie day

Since Nemo is ill, it´s been a movie day for us all today. Nemo is watching Peter Pan over and over and me and Johan have seen this movie about a family who were in Thailand in the horrible tsunami disaster in 2004. It´s called "THE IMPOSSIBLE" and it´s a good movie and good actors!


Betty Blue said...

I wish I was again the age where I believed that Peter Pan exists *sigh* Everything seemed so much easier back then.
Today was a quite hard day. A girl from my school took her life on saturday, she was grade nine, my brother´s grade. I did not know her, but still it hurt to see that life was going on except for the few people who stood in front of the picture of her and the candles and cried or prayed... I am worried for my brother, I don´t know if he knew her, but I guess he did, he´s only fifteen, and my own suicide attempts hurt him more than enough, I don´t know how he will take it... How I will take it... It could have been me. It could have been my picture hanging there between the candles, my friends crying... I know it´s selfish not to think of the girl but of me. But it´s February, and Feb is a dangerous month for me anyway, and this makes things not easier -.- I am so sad for her friends and family, I somewhat envy the girl, I would have liked to know her, she looked nice, I should have gone to my therapist today instead of spending time in the city, only I needed time all on my own... I mean, at least I did not drink or cut, but the day isn´t over and her suicide so much triggered a backslide in cutting...
I wish I could pray for her and her friends and family, but I don´t believe... I think my brother will include poor Lea, her friends, her family in his prayers tonight - I just hope this won´t take his believe from him but he won´t talk to me about her death so... There´s nothing I can do. Nothing.
But life goes on, doesn´t it...

July said...

Hey Anette!!

How are you? How is your little baby inside your belly?

I missed so much read the blog! my computer it's totally sick and I think it's "dead" and the most sure is that I have to buy one new. But well, I have seen now the blog and I'm happy.

Poor Nemo, have a flu it's a horrible thing and more for a little boy, but it's good that he see movies and Peter Pan it's a really great film and the other IMPOSSIBLE it's very crude and sad but the critic said was a good movie.

By the way, I read your post about YOHIO, I really like japanesse music, but I don't knew anything about YOHIO but I listened his songs and are really cool. But I have one favorite japanesse singer named Anna Tsuchiya she's very nice:

Have a really nice afternoon, and I hope to enter very soon to read your blog! =)

Unknown said...

i really want to see that movie, its sad, but interesting......

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!

Peter Pan and a beautiful design, when he saw small.

The Impossible looked a little while ago, and I say something, I could not sleep well that day. ^ ^.
But what an awesome movie, for reporting that a disaster can happen anywhere that has ocean.

I love the two actors who were in the film.

Sleep well and good dreams.

God bless you all.

Raffaella Brazil

MusicOfTheNight said...

Hi, Anette!
Hope you are doin' well. Just wanted to tell you something. I read a few articles that pregnant women shouldn't eat sushi or any raw or smoked fish. I was looking for some info over the internet because my cousin (just like you) is pregnant and loooooooooves sushi so much, I just wanted to let you know. You might be aware of it, but more info is better than less info. Because the latest researches show that it's not ok to eat raw fish, no matter what was told before. So hope you and the baby are ok!
Big hugs!!!

Unknown said...

Both great movies! Enjoy and I hope Nemo gets better :)

Unknown said...

Music of the night: HI there and thanks but they have changed the "rules" here in Sweden regarding sushi and pregnant women are now ok to eat it if it´s fresh fish or if it has been frozen first;=) Take care!

Unknown said...

I hope little Nemo will feel better soon.

Best wishes to you all!

Unknown said...

Do you have see the links with the baby things? I hope you like it :-) enjoy your evening and sleep well later

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

I hope you evening are good.
Peter Pan is a nice and funny movie. And laughing is healthy;)

I do not like your film. Disaster movie are just plain crap. I do not know how many of the planes over again nightmares. Even though they have only read it.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Good evening Anette! :-)

I think I've seen The Impossible advertised on TV :-)

I've also seen the new Die Hard 5 movie advertised. It comes out on Feb 14th next week which is the day I go down to London to visit my life-long friend. I was going to go a few week back but was too ill to travel :-(

So when I get off the train at Euston station next Thursday afternoon I'm going to find a cinema to watch the latest Die Hard movie to pass the time while I wait for my friend to finish work :-)

Sleep well Anette! :-)

Logan said...

Peter Pan is such a nice movie, reminds me of my childhood ^_^