Sunday, February 10, 2013


There´s just no words to describe how much I LONG to see my little baby! Now when I feel every little detail of him/her moving around, like when lying in bed and a foot pushes against mine from the inside. When I can feel him/her so close to me, through my skin, it is so hard to wait to see who this little lovely person is;=)

This video gives me such warm feelings and my sensitive pregnancy mode makes me cry every single time watching it. Can there be ANYTHING more beautiful than babies and of course, especially my own beautiful children?
Nemo loves to watch this with me and we talk about "our" baby and that we long to see him/her;=)

Now I need to wipe my tears;=) And have some more coffee!
ENJOY your sunday my dear ones!


Unknown said...

Dear Anette, I can't believe it... Just a few months that I've been away from the web and now I come to know the great news... I am really so happy for you :) I wish you all the best! God bless you and your child!
Enjoy your sunday, cheers!

eskoplja said...

Awwww, how sweet! I can imagine how happy you are! It must be a wonderful feeling. I am sure everythink will be ok
And the video is adorable! Such a sweet little creature! I think he/she longs to be in his/her mother's embrace :)
Big hugs to you and enjoy your sunday too
I need to get one cup of coffe too ;)

Ena :*

Eleonore Saiga said...

How beautiful, Anette ! You are very lucky and you should be proud of your wonderful family :)

I give you all my positive thoughts and hope for the very best :)


Dalma said...

Då vet jag inte varför jag tänkte på dig när jag tittade den här videon. =)
Jag älskar sådana animerade kortfilmer. De har alltid viktiga lärdomar till oss eller de är bara roliga. =)

Ha en bra dag,

Dark Queen said...

Oh Anette! How sweet are you. It warms my heart when I read those beautiful words. I think that everyone must have parents like are you and feel that love. Your children are so lukcy.
I bleieve you that you can't wait to see the little one inside you.
I will spent my day and night with one of dearest persons for me. It will be a great day.
Enjoy the day you too

July said...

Yes, this video it's really awesome, my mom shared it with me a couple of weeks and I really loved it!, the miracle of life and love it's amazing. That nurse ( and ofcourse all moms in the world) have a incredible and special gift.

Enjoy these beautiful momens ( in compay of Nemo =) )

kazetta said...

Hi Anette :)

It's nice to see how you think about the years with Nightwish. We really liked and loved you in fornt of the band:D
Not many singers think this way about their bands.
It seems you don't have any anger in you, and you are still proud that you were a part of it:)
I don't know if the decision is final, I'm mean for ever, but if there is a way, we would really like to see you again in front of the band!

Thank you for reading my comment

Zsolt :)

Nalon said...

Happy Sunday Anette,

I hope i have some day the same experience.

But i have few hope for this.:( Then I want to give the child an ordered life and a father. At the moment I see both far in the future.

It's nice to see how it is so with you and thank you for sharing this with all of us :)

Have a peaceful Sunday.


Unknown said...

Oh WWWOOOWWW!! Such beauty! That child is just amazingly beautiful! And the delicate handling he/she requires, having their mother bathe them, that was just lovely. You make a great mother, Anette, and you'll be great with the new little one as well :) Have a beautiful day!!

Unknown said...

Don't cry Anette...*gives you a hug*

Philippa said...

Hey Nettie, what a beautiful video! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it, and the little baby is so completely relaxed and at easy. Little miracle :)
I can understand that the longing is getting strong for you now. Luckily the patience will be rewarded in the end :)

Baru said...

... dying to meet you little child... haha, it was the first thing I was thinking about! I can´t wait to know if it´s girl or a girl. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a touching video. And how sweet, you and Nemo talking about "your" baby! Nemo must be so excited to be a big brother! I bet he's feeling protective already.

Océane said...

Oh wow this is very touching! He really appreciate it, thats funny to see his reactions on his little face! I didnt know thalasso exist for baby!

A very cute video! And its in France =)

Love & Hugs

Helminen said...

Hey, Nettie!
I wanted to share this picture with you!
I think this T-shirt is just in the mood of the publication! ;-)

Take care!

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hi Anette ^ ^ OMG! Anette, now that I know you are pregnant ♥ I'm so late, laughs * - * Congratulations ♥
  kisses ♥