Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Little miracles;=)

My dear ones!

Nemo is WELL again! Thank you!!!

Like I said, children are just AMAZING when it comes to illnessess. Fever is gone since last night and he eats and wants to go to his grandmother, which was already planned for due to me going to Copenhagen for some business things.

So now I need to dress, put on make up so I don´t look like an ill person, when he clearly doesn´t;=)

 Hey, who was that speedy little boy running past me????;=)

Is it Nemo?? Are you so well today? It´s a MIRACLE!!

Yeah, mum! I wanna go to "nanna´s" house now and play with the cats!!! But first, some dancing!



Kaoru said...

How cute he is always running into your photos! I'm glad he's all better now. ^^

Meghan H. said...

Glad to see that Nemo's feeling much better ;)

Unfortunately today I got sick too, felt like I was going to vomit, and my head is still aching a bit, it sucks.

So sweet that Nemo loves seeing his grandmother ;)

And as always you look absolutely gorgeous ;)

Have a lovely day :)
Take care xo

Unknown said...

Hey Anette! i'm happy to hear that Nemo feels better :-) Hahha the picturse are funny and cute.On the first on Nemo looks like a little superhero :))

Océane said...

Oh dear thats a great news!!!
And thanks for putting on my face some smile with these photos :D

So you're going to Copenhagen today? Do you feel you have enough energy! As you said you have to rest all the time when you were at the mall ...

Hope your day will be fine and little boy will have lots of funs with the cats :) cats are the best! Hehe!

Love and Hugs

Eleonore Saiga said...

Glad to see your son feeling better ! :)

Hope you are doing well too :)

Have a nice day !


XxBriannaxX said...

Aww yay so great to hear nemo is feeling well! That makes me happy! I hope he has a great day at his grandmothers house ;-) you look beautiful,and speedy little Nemo looks adorable ;-) have a great day my angel! Big hugs!

Philippa said...

I'm so glad to hear that Nemo's feeling better again! Children just recover so much quicker than adults, don't they? Enjoy your day Anette :)

Dark Queen said...

Hahaha! Namo has energy for running. He's like Road Runner! So speedy! Sweet boy :) It looks that you both have fun. Thats great :D
Have a nice dancing time and enjoy at "nanna's" place!
Hugs ♥

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,

Ahhhh awesome! Nemo glad that go much better!
You're beautifull today! But you look really tired: (
You're pictures are so funny!
Nemo is too cute for her to run like the photos! He raced with the camera! : D
Have a nice day with your mother & chat :)
Love, Kisses & so many hugs :D

migi said...

hi anette...and nemo :), these are great news that he's well again. You two are so cute on the photos. Makes me smile. I wish you and your family a beautiful day. Take care. Big hugs ;)

Unknown said...

Nemo is soooo sweet!!!

My parents don't allow me to get on internet anymore because of my cutting or whutever. So I'm just watching movies when I'm at home(Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Kill Bill) Thats my life!( plus being sick)


Unknown said...

Oh, thats nice! it's great that Nemo healed. Say hello to him from me :);)

Beatrix said...
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Anonymous said...

I am soo glad Nemo is feeling better today! I love seeing little blurry figures in these pictures. Have a good day! :)

Elen said...

Dear Nettie,
How nice to see if Nemo got well :) It's really interesting how fast they can heal. (Nut it is very lucky thing, hehe :) )
Have a nice day with lot of games (and cats ;) )

Unknown said...

I am glad, that Nemo gets well!
I love the first photo! So cute ;-) As I see, Nemo likes be photographed!
Have a great day, dear!

Antti Uski said...

Hii Anette! How are you? How is your little cute angel, Nemo? I didn't have much to say, just wanted to say: Congratulations for having a baby... who's coming to our world! Give him/her a beautiful life and enjoy!

Nalon said...

Hello Nemo,
the fastest mouse of Helsingborg.
Enjoy the time by your Grandmother!


Hello Anette,
I wish you success in Copenhagen. It should now be very windy on the coast, so dress warm.;)


Betty Blue said...

Now, that was FAST! So good to hear that´s Nemo is fine again ;-) Positive thinking, that´s the thing xD I guess playing with cats it reason enough to be healthy ^^
And now I´m going to the city to play with some cats on my own, if I meet my best friend by accident. It´s been eternity since his tomcat last time attacked me, I miss it dearly ;-) But since I don´t feel too good today he wouldn´t leave me alone if I went there. Didn´t plan to, but hey, who knows ^^
Have a nice evening and hugs to you all!
Love, Betty

~MidnightFairy~ said...

Glad to know he's better!
Emjoy your day ^_^


Misi said...

You always take Adorable Photos. Glad Nemo is feeling better! Enjoy your trip!

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

Thats great that Nemo is well. I like your outfit. Check out h&m for nice baby things. There are great thinks. And in the shop is also a scaf with stars,I know you like stars. ;-)

Unknown said...

I'm glad that Nemo is well again, Anette :) enjoy your day :)

Unknown said...
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eskoplja said...

Thanks God everything is ok :)
I am so happy to hear Nemo is better!
And I hope you are ok too :) How was in Copenhagen? Wish you a nice night and sweet dreams :)
Big hugs to you, especially to the little one

Ena :*

Lucinda said...

We can't see your son but you're both so cute!! And believe me you don't look ill, I love your face without make-up, it makes you look so young and cute!

Have a nice time in Copenhagen, I'm glad everybody's fine again =)

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I hope that you had a nice day.
I love the photos with the little Nemo running past you ! Ahah ;-)
Have a nice evening and night my dear Nettie.

Kriszti said...

Oh look, it worked! He's running in front of the camera again! Awesome, I'm really happy he's feeling well already, goodnight Anette :)

Black Crow said...

Oh! I'm so glad Nemo is ok!:D
I wish to all of you good night and sweet dreams! ;)

FAQing Amazing said...

Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *continues eternally*

Unknown said...

So happy to hear that Nemo is well again and had made a speedy recovery!! So very happy, and for you as a mother I'm sure it feels wonderful knowing that you're little one is back to his beautiful health!!! Have a beautiful night, Anette! Have sweet dreams and for the little one, sweet dreams as well!

Anonymous said...

Hi anette, how are you? i'm glad that nemo feels better :)
Sleep well princess , take care

Anonymous said...

Hey Anette! I am really happy Nemo is doing well and you too!-Or so I hope. I'm sure you get lots of questions, comments, wishes, etc. I really hope you will read this.. I know it hasn't been that long ago, but I'm still sad about what happened with Nightwish, in regards to you (if that makes sense). I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, after the years in Nightwish and all. You're still, by far, one of my absolute favorite singers, and from what I can see, you're an awesome and kind person. Again, I'm just glad that you are doing well and your family too! =)

linnea-maria said...

Vilka underbara bilder :D. Nu blev morgonen lite ljusare <3

July said...

Hey Anette!!

That is a good new!! I'm very glad for Nemo and you =) and now it's time to go out and enjoy but with much care! By the way it's great to see that Nemo have again a lot of energy !

Have a nice nice day!

Arianna said...

I'm very glad to know that Nemo is well. :) Here in Italy too that flue it's very intense but i'm lucky to didn't get it. :)

One question: what happened to the option when i get the mail when you approving the comments?

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi dear !

that's so good ! Nemo is well !

nice photos :-)


Unknown said...

Children are amazing. So glad lil' Nemo is all better now!

Good luck in Copenhagen if you're still there; if you're back, then hopefully all went well!

Take care :)

MusicOfTheNight said...

Anette, you are so pretty without any makeup!
Do you always put on makeup when you go out?

Unknown said...

You just have to know this..

I feel cappy. I'm ugly. I hate myself. I'm fat. I can't do anything right. I feel like cutting al day. I'm mad. Everything in my life goes wrong. Everyone hates me. I want to die.

The biggest problem is that I can't kill myself because the pills don't work at all and I hate it.

I hope you responde.. because I don't want to talk my parents(they are cross with me) and I can't go to my therapist.


Unknown said...

That's great news!! Thanks for sharing Anette :D have a nice safe trip!

Anonymous said...

I really have to agree with MusicOfTheNight: you do look so pretty and even more charming without any make-up on!
True natural beauty, inside and out.

PS: The pictures of you and Nemo put a HUGE smile on my face... truly adorable, the both of you! ;=)

Elven's Garden said...

So good to hear Nemo is better Anette, I was away and just back now reading your blogs - so much has happened in your world in a week :)
Yes, it's dance time :D

Have fun and enjoy your visit :)
Deleece x

DreamerGirl131 said...

(sorry for the off topic, but had to write this)

Sabine: please sweety, don't think like this... you are one of the most amazing persons I've ever known and I can't do this without you. Please, stay alive... I know it's hard to believe but you're loved and you have a reason to stay here. Okay? *virtual hugs* I hope one day we can meet and I'd give you so many hugs. but you have to stay here...

(again, sorry for the off)

BTW Nemo is so cute when he runs into the photos and I'm glad he's okay and full of energy again :)
hugs, Alice

Katy Marie said...

SABINE....what country do you live in? How old are you? Here, in the States (actually Canada, too) what you are posting can get you classified as a "troubled youth." As in, a danger to yourself. Troubled youth here receive government help in the form of court orders instructing them to attend mandatory therapy, be under constant supervision, and are sometimes taken away from their parents and sent to bording schools. You don't want that; but the authorities will do anything to prevent a murder ("suicide" is classified as "murder" here, and "attempted suicide" is "attempted murder.")

What you are doing, and what you are admitting to here online, is DANGEROUS.

GET HELP before you are FORCED to get "help" by the authorities--that is not the kind of help you want, and it will follow you around for the rest of your life. I don't know where you're from or if your country has similar things, but if the government puts you into this kind of program it will follow you around forever. This behavior is the kind of thing that can get you institutionalized, if you end up on on their radar.


Unknown said...

As bad as things may be do not give up. I don't know how old u r but u have a wonderful life ahead of u.
PS: Trust God.

Unknown said...

Aikaterine: They don't help us here in holland. Here you just have to rescue yourself. They just let you die. Except if you get help yourself and I don't want to leave the house. And ofcourse no one gives even a fuck about my life. So that is why I don't want to get any help.

People just hate me because I try to be fucking me but they don't accept me. Even my parents say I'm fat. And they are right. All of them. I have to die. I am fat. I am an ugly whore. All of them are fucking right.

(Sorry for swearing all the time but I just hate myself)

Thanks to everyone for the support but sometimes all the help gets to much and then I freak out.

Thats it I guess. Watching house now and being home allone and tired haha xoxo

Katy Marie said...

I care about your life; you and I have now interacted directly, though briefly over the internet, but you are now someone I am acquainted with. I do not wish to see you go. I do, however, wish you to find the strength to leave the house and go see your therapist and tell them you need help. You may not *want* help, but you *need* it.

Betty Blue said...

Sabine: I don´t know about the situation in Holland, but here in Germany it´s so that if we feel endangered we can call the police, or the firework, or in a hospital, and tell them "Hey, I´m suicidal, can you help me." I know it´s hard, I never managed to do so, but I told a good friend of mine and she got the police on their way and they could save me before the overdose killed me. it was not nice, of course not, but it saved my life. In Germany you´re brought to a mental institution then, which does NOT mean an asylum or so. It´s just a place where you can relax and get yourself sorted. Your parents? Don´t worry about them. You can allow them to visit you, you can forbid them to visit you. But in a mental institution it all gets sorted out. So maybe try and go into a clinic, it helps!
And according to German law I´m committing a crime by not calling the police in Holland to find you. I don´t think I want to do this for much more time, and I really want you to get yourself help. If you don´t dare to call anybody, if no-one of your friends helps you there, I and each other German here are forced to call the police. Believe me, I don´t want to do this. I am afraid of the police, I really am. They scare the shit outta me. So I would really approve if you got help on your own. PLEASE try!!!

Unknown said...

Betty: I can't get into a mental thingy because my mood isn't bad enough.(kinda strange don't ya think?) So I''m just at home being fucked up all the time.


Betty Blue said...

Sabine: YES you can.It´s not about mood, it´s about being suicidal, darling. Did they tell you that your mood wouldn´t be bad enough? (But let´s not spam Netties Blog. eMail me if you want to: depressionmustnotwin@yahoo.de)
Love, Betty