Thursday, February 07, 2013

I found this...

...and I haven´t seen this before. 

And this festival was a thrill to perform in! Such a beautiful venue and A GREAT audience! Serbia was a really nice experience;=) 



Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello dear
yeah that was a great show. I have it on my computer haha, good times..
well, I wanted to thank you for what you told me. For the kind words.
You made me feel so much better. ♥
I'm not commenting here because the drugs make me sleep. I hope this passes.
How was your trip to Copenhagen? I hope it was good.
I wish a good night to you and your family.
Jag älskar dig ♥


Laetitianne said...

Thanks! It's like we have a live DVD with these link... Cannot realise that we will never have it for real. :-(

Huges & love


Laetitia L said...

Sleeping Sun <3 <3

Océane said...

Well that was the old time! Seeing that just reminds me I wont see you performing live with Nightwish. Still so sad about it...
Hope to see you soon again on stage anyway!

And this is just TOO BAD there's no official live dvd with you...pffff! Never understood that! Cause Nightwish is a BIG money maker, we can see that with all the differents versions of eeach CD's their doing (blue, grey, gold vynil etc etc...) but no Dvd live, when its something everyone is waiting for since you entered the band!

But thanks we can still find that kind of video on youtube! =)

Thanks for sharing!
Love and Hugs

July said...

Hey again Anette!

I loved that show, your vocals were so amazing! ( well, your vocals always are amazing) and I remeber when I saw it for first time, I said: "Oh my God, she have a very special spirit!" and I was not incorrect you are a beautiful person and a great singer!

Océane said...

And here few videos during the Imaginaerum tour that I recorded. The sound is great and always first row so quite good videos =)

Song Of Myself (Luxembourg):

Scaretale (Paris) :

The Crow (Paris):

Intro + Storytime (Paris):

Planet Hell (Dusseldorf):

You can find many others videos on my youtube channel if you're interested in :

All of this just give me tears everytime! You'll remain my favorite singer forever and ever. No one give me emotion, tears, shivers while singing but YOU!

Love & Hugs sweetie!

Anonymous said...

ohh dear nettan, i will miss you so much in nightwish ! :( nobody can replace you!
and the songs with your voice are uniques! beautiful concert, sleep well (:

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

I love this festival! Was the last full show with you with professional recording that was released. I love the way that you sang nemo there! Was very emotional!!! I'm so sad that we don't have a full show of 2009 Tuor, that for me is the best Tuor of Nightwish career, and 2012 festivals... So sad that some people in Nightwish don't want to give this 'gift' for the fans. I know that some people create fake DVDs and sells on Internet, but I think that professional recordings of shows its a nice oportunity to show how the band is live, to call people to see them life, and give a oportunity to a lot of people that never had the oportunity to see the band life for a better way than on Youtube video recorded by fans with poor quality.
Once I tried to email Mountreux Jazz festival and they said that they were trying to release a DVD from NW concert, or broadcast on TV, but everything depends from the band. Until now, we have nothing :/

My favorite Nightwish festival show is on Waken Open Air 2008! You were great there, and the boys kick asses. i was so happy because NW will play there this year, but since you separated with them I'm not anxious anymore about a Live broadcast. Well, hope some day leak some video from other festivals.. Like Artmania in 2009 thats look like the best festival show that NW done... ;D

Hope you have a really nice day (or night) :D

Unknown said...

Hi Anette, im so glad you had a nice time here in Serbia, you can always come back here we are known as very welcoming folk.
I follow your blog for a long time now and my love for you and for your work grows every day.
I have, long ago, sent you a link with a photo of you from exit festival (with a little bit of my editing), I hope you liked it, if you can remember.
I wish you all the happiness, and love.


Unknown said...

I love this show! I loved your performance in lowlands 2008 too :) still sad I never got to see this Nightwish :( ah well best wishes!!

Dennis said...

Unbelievable! For some time I have been going to this video, as I think it's one of the best out there of you and the guys. I'm so happy you found it and can enjoy it again. You were really nailing it that night! Can't say enough about how your vocal performance is inspiring :-)

Pedro said...

I remember watching this 3 years ago! You and the guys were great.

I got a gold ticket to see Nightwish when I won the first prize in the Crow Owl Dove video contest. Hopefully I'll get to see nightwish this year, I entered in the contest so I could watch and meet you aswell, but unfortunately I won't be able to... :(

Wonder if I could meet you at a concert of yours some day?

Have a good night!

Dalma said...

So many good memories...
I often watch old concert videos of you. In the Imaginaerum concert I missed this intimacy and informality you'd had in those old times. When you speak to us, tell us how much you enjoy the night and being in our country and things like this. But still I wish I could go back in time and be there again. =) It was a perfect night.
So I'll keep that feeling forever and won't go to Nightwish concerts anymore. =)

Sleep well dear,

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna miss seeing you with Nightwish, but the past is the past! I look forward to what you have to show the world! After all, you have a lovely and excellent voice! -Kaij

Unknown said...

I have watched this video before and I think it's a really great one. I love your hair and dress in this performance as well. What I really remember is how beautiful your version of Sleeping Sun was... I liked it even better than the original. I think it's a shame that you didn't do as many older songs on the Imaginaerum tour because you did such a good job with them :)

Anonymous said...

hi anette !!!! :) wow thanks for share the video i really like your voice and your version of the siren is the best , i remember you used to do headbangs hehe i love it! ;)
have a great friday, take care

Karin said...

Thank you for sharing this ! It made me at the same time both so happy and a little bit sad.. Your voice... ! Just sooooo wonderful ! Gave me the chills !


Lucinda said...

Wow, I didn't know the full gig was available on YT, great! I'll watch it all when I have time.

May I say: it is definitely not your best outfit on stage ;) I guess that in the summer of 2008 you were experimenting a lot, and I don't think I ever liked any (except the black dress and nice tights in Colmar, cute!

But when you came back in 2009, you were stunning, every outfit was better than the previous, it was great ;)

I hope you don't mind me saying what I think. Of course outfits are not there to entirely define the artist, and I'm sure I'm going to love to hear you in this video no matter what!

Have a great day!

Olja said...

I remember that concert I was there, my firs and forn now last Nightwish show. Was a real pleasure! My best wishes to you and to new baby! I can't wait! Kisses from me and my little one!

Diego Muniz said...

Well, this festival is just amazing! I downloaded and createed a personal DVD from all these festivals that have leaked. As my dear friend Lucas (Luuh) said in one of the comments before, I also think the band should let us have such material. Even because we won't be able to have the chance of seeing you live again with them (and I realy hope we can see you live again sometime, although you said you don't have the intention of a longer tour with your solo).
This material is incredibly valuable for us fans, and I wish we had some more from 2009 and 2012. Well, who knows one day we can have them. =D

Hey, I wish you all the best in the world. May Jesus bless you!

Soffel said...

Unfortunately I can't watch it because of this GEMA rubbish..
But I love to watch videos rfom NW tour with you. reminds me of my first and only concert last may. I really will miss you.
Hugs, Soffel

FAQing Amazing said...

Your version of The Siren is BY FAR the best arrangements you have made to the older songs! Now THAT'S how a siren sounds like ;-)

FAQing Amazing said...

I have a question. I've known of so many people who absolutely hate listening or watching themselves perform on videos... and i mean real pros, so i guess that's not your case? you feel comfortable? I hope so :)

And how did you deal with the piros in that show? I saw one when you start singing bye bye beautiful, were you scared?

Unknown said...

You are an amazing performer. :)
I hope to hear your voice in new songs! Maybe in the swedish melodifestivalen?

Andi said...

Hi Anette!

I saw that recording earlier...and the concert is amazing. What I wanted to ask many-many times when I saw it: where is the dress from? I just LOVE it. It is beautiful!

Take care!

Unknown said...

This was a great show,Exit is very popular festival in europe,you were great and we love you here in Serbia.
Since i see your are watchig Eurovision(i am a big fan to) do you now that Serbia won it in 2007 with song Molitva it's great song i would like ti here your opinion about the song?!Love from Aleksandar

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've viewed this gig before on youtube :-) A really good show :-)

I imagine it must be quite weird for you Anette, having done so so many gigs, to then find them on youtube and try to remember it ( even though you clearly remember this Serbia gig ).

I like your stage outfit too Anette! :-)

AlessandraWilderness said... were the light of the band, now that you're there no more, I can't listen to Nightwish anymore...on the CDs, yes, of course,or the concerts with you or Tarja, but not their concerts after you've gone, I really don't like this new frontwoman, she's good but I can't stand her, I don't like the way she acts on the stage, the way she moves, dresses, and I think her vocal style doesn't fit NW songs, but that's only my personal opinion...and...only you could sing Dpp and Imaginaerum were totally different, you soar for your personality, beauty, style and're unique Anette, no one can replace you, your fans miss you, miss your beautiful presence, and I thank God that when I went to see NW live in Milan you were still there...because I went to see all the band but you expecially... but life goes on and now we support you and your music, solos or other collaborations you'll have in the future =) you deserve all the best!! I'm waiting for your album!!! yeeeeaaah ^^ :***

AlessandraWilderness said...

Nettie, these are two of the photos my boyfriend and I took in Milan!! As you can see we're quite close to the stage!! I love this photos ^^ besides, your outfit was super!! =)

Aleksandra said...

Thanks a lot for complimenting my country!

Unknown said...

Just wanted to tell I just recently got into Nightwish Love the band especially with your vocals.....excellent concert I am sad you are no longer in Nightwish but know that God has better plans for your life!!!!