Friday, February 15, 2013

Hot zebra

It´s been a while since I posted any outfit photos so today it´s time;=) I am in a black and white mode these days and these zebra jeans from Malene Birger are for sure my favourites now. Who said you can´t be a HOT zebra, even while pregnant in the last months?=)

ENJOY this friday!!!


Unknown said...

I so love your clothes!!

I'm likin a guy and I talked to him irl!(which is a biiiiiggg step for me! haha) And I had some milka chocolat with Daim in it and I was like: nomnomnom xD

Sorry I'm a bit in a jumpy mood because of some candy(skittles) and they are so nice but with way to much sugar xD

Hahah xoxo

XxBriannaxX said...

Haha,yes you can still be a hot zebra. ;-) Hehehe I love this outfit Anette you look so good! Lots of love and hugs to you! Enjoy this day! ♥

Nora said... look so lovely on the pics. Truly beautiful. :) I really really wonder how you manage it to look so thin. I don`t mean are just "normal" when it comes to weight. Do you have s "special" nutrition? I just wonder as I have put some weight on and I want to loose it. I just don`t really know how. I am not really good in running so I thought about rollerblading when the weather starts being better than now. I am not really the type of person who likes to go to the gym...don`t know why. So do you maybe know some exercises for me to do at home? I specially want to have a nice flat belly...! I am kinda unhappy about my weight...! So changing it is the only option for me. :)Have a nice weekend my dear. :) Love, Nora.

Philippa said...

Cute outfit Anette! I love the zebra jeans :) Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

Hi there!
You look fabulous in those zebra jeans, I love your jacket too!
You really are a beautiful woman and every dress looks better on you :)
Being pregnant isn't a problem when your beauty is so shining!
Have a nice day! :D

Karin said...

Hot Zebra-mama :)
Enjoy your weekend !

Helminen said...

I really like your band or slide (not sure what is it exactly) in your hair! It's really cool!
Take care, dear Anette!

Pascal said...

Hi Zebra, eeerrrr, Anette! :).

I hope your day was fine? Mine was, but I´m a bit tired of getting up early and walking through Munich. And it got really cold later on, we still have snow here. Do you still have snow, too? I want it to go away, want the warm weather back :).

Enjoy your evening and the weekend and please take always good care of yourself :).


Herta said...

Dear Anette,
you look great, as always or actually even better :D!
I love your hair tie or slide :)
have a great weekend :)
love ♥,

Unknown said...

Omg I looove your outfit and the sweater with the angel wings Is sooo beautiful
Who's says that a pregnant can't look nice and sexy?
Take care
lots of kisses and hugs

kerosene said...

Is that jacket from H&M? Mi sis has it and is sooo nice.
U dont loose glamour, never! Im glad for that.

Unknown said...

My friend Chelby would like those pants. I'll try my best to enjoy today...

Dennis said...

The pants remined me of a brand that was popular about 20 years ago here in the USA called Zubaz! Anyone remember them? :-) Admit it all you fourty somethings! You had a pair! :-)

AlessandraWilderness said...

this outfit is super!! =) and you're phisically super even in the last pregnancy month! O_O you've only the belly, you're so slim! =) good night my dear crazy Anette!! (crazy for your outfits...I really love them!!!!!) en kyss!

Océane said...

You look FAB dear! How could a 9months pregnant woman be that hot and gorgeous?
Im impressed! :)
I bet you havent gained more than 5 kg during your pregnancy!

And the new legging looks great but once again perfect legs are needed with that print! So it suits you perfctly but not anyone :)

And I found back my hair band, the same as yours with the spikes! Me happy :)

Have a great night, rest as much as you can and take care dearie!
Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Love the outfits Anette....I had a pair of those zebra pants back in the late 80's...I wish I would have kept them (if you wait long enough everything comes back in style) you are just glowing pregnancy definitly agrees with you!!! I myself loved being pregnant...also the angel sweater is awesome LOVE IT!!...Have a wonderful weekend!!

Unknown said...

Pam; Haha, yeah, fashion just goes round and round;=) And thanks so much, I feel beautiful, but still longing to be able to RUN 10 k´s again soon;=) Sleep well!

Océane: Hi and thanks dearie;=) And great that you found the spike hair band;=) I love mine! Sleep well!

Allessandra; Hi and thanks so much;=) Sleep well!

Dennis; haha, I haven´t heard about them. But I wasn´t so "cool" at that time;=) Sleep well!

Rivka. Hi! I send lots of comforting hugs! Sleep well!

Kerosene; Hi and thanks =) No, it´s a jacket from Alexander wang that I got some years ago. it´s a velvet jacket and so comfortable;=) Sleep well!

Danisse; Exactly! When I was pregnant the first time, 11 years ago, a pregnant woman was meant to just get fat, dress in carpenter pants or BIG ugly dresses and THANK GOD it has changed;=) Sleep well!

Herta; Thanks so much;=)

Pascal: Hi! We have some spots left of snow but otherwise it´s mostly gone;=) Sleep well!

Gitte:; Thanks so much, dearie;=) And the same to you and your family! Sleep well!

Sleeping sun; Thanks so much! It´s an elastic hair band with spikes around it;=) Sleep well!

Karin; Thanks so much and sleep well!

Riccardo; Thanks so much, such sweet and kind words;=) Sleep well!

Philippa; Thanks so much;=) Sleep well!

Nora; Hi and thanks;=) I dont do anyhing special, just not eating so much and having a baby eating of me;=) I think if you havent tried crossfit exercises, you should. It´s short exercising but really hard! And it gives a really great tone to the belly, the butt and the legs;=) And regarding the food, I really dont believe in any diet, just eat when being hungry and use a small plate. Never take twice and "control" yourself so you do not eat candy and cookies all the time. not the easiest thing, but the thing I´ve learned after all the years with starving myself and dieting. Being moderate with food and not eating if not hungry. Sleep well!

Unknown said...

Brianna; Thanks so much=) Sleep well!

Sabine; That´s great to hear! You always have to put yourself out there and "risk" being hurt, to win;=) And great that you got some nice chocolate;=) Sleep well!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! I love your clothes, you have a great taste! This style "black and white" was super great on you.
Ah, I love the wings on the jacket.

Betty Blue said...

You are beautiful. No other words to put it.

shay said...

Hi anette...omg...i love the black top with the wings on the back...just my not a fan of the zebra pants however they look cute on u... but they seem fun to wear..not for me though... oh...the jacket is great...and i really love the cross necklace ..was it a gift...? Is it silver in color... i can't tell....but i love it...

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

How are you today?
I hope you and your baby are ok.
I like your jacket with the wings on it. It really beautiful. I want asked you two questions. At first where did you buy your piercings and hurt it not or disrupts it not whene you have two piercing at one eyebrown. I have also one eyebrown piercing and I thinking about it to make another one there. And the nother question is,would you follow me on instagram? I would love it :-)

Have a nice saturday :-)

Nuori said...

I'm not really a fan of zebras - but a great hairband and cardigan :)

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! Just wanted to know how you were as I havent visited your blog in a while. Been so, so busy with uni, hardly had time to think lol!

Your pants are cool! They remind me of the film Madagascar which I was watching yesterday ;) Anyway hope all is well, and enjoy your weekend!! James x

Anonymous said...

Hi anette first time I post in you blog, is honor for me first, and wanted to say that sometimes not all the clothes we tried we still perfetamente well unfortunately, I really like how you dressed in your latest posts, but I think the sweater sometimes makes us look a little more fat or bulky. auqnue the sweater you are wearing is not so bad is very nice and especially the color, I like the black but my family and everyone has told me that the black is much better to combine it with other colors how are you doing your. Wishes and Hugs

Unknown said...

Hey Anette, you look really great :) I love your style.
Do you know a shop called "Six"? It sells costume jewelry. Don't know if it also exists in Sweden but I live in Germany and I work in such a store alongside my school. At the moment we have some cool stuff with skulls and crosses, also a lot of "Statement" stuff. I thought you might like some of their jewelry so I wanted to share this with you :) It's also very cheap.
I wish you all the best for your pregnancy and I'm sure you'll get your energy back soon :)
Love, Michelle