Wednesday, February 13, 2013

For Valentine´s day;=)

So, my dear ones, do you feel the love in the air?=) Or are you still longing for the LOVE of your LIFE?

Well, since it´s VALENTINE´S DAY tomorrow, we need to get into the mood and therefore I´ve made you a playlist to listen to. It´s a mixed one and I am sure, something for everyone;=)

Click either the photo or the link below to go there;=)


Unknown said...

Aaaa so sweet!!! I'm in english lesson now hahah:p

To be in valentines theme: I've never been someones valentine at all:( Yeah once some old friend gave me a thingy.. Yeah.. Haha

Happy velentine to all of you!

shay said...

Hi anette...aww thanks i will listen...and yes i am in a relationship for almost 3 sure we will goin to a nice dinner somewhere... he is alot younger than i and i wish he was more romantic... although he glad hes in town this month because hes a metal guitarist hes on the road sometimes.. i know u know how that is....we attended the famous NAMM CONVENTION in Anaheim last month...i got to see alot of amazing products in the music industry and i got to meet amazing artists and reps in the music buss...was bf is sponsered by BC RICH we spent a lot of time in that booth...any hoo.....i hope u also have an amazing Valentine's day.....xoxo...

Anonymous said...

anette nice day!I suffered many times for love, sometimes I'm pessimistic because I think I will never have someone to love as i really want. I believe in love, but love does not believe in me ):

Anonymous said...

Dear Nettie,

thanks so much for putting us all in Valentine's day mood! ;=)

I found some really nice quotes about love I would like to share with you and everyone in here:

"True love is not how you forgive, but how you forget, not what you see but what you feel, not how you listen but how you understand, and not how you let go but how you hold on."

"True love means loving a person not because they're perfect, but because you learn to see an imperfect person perfectly."

"You will know that you truly love someone when they hurt you but all you can think about is the times they made you smile."

"True love is not finding someone else but finding your other half."

"Love is a constant battle between the heart and the mind. True love is when they agree."

Wise words and I think they are all true. ;=)

Have a great day!

Soffel said...

Thanks for the playlist my dear :)
But yes, I still long for my first love, but I'm not brave enough to talk at him :/
Hugs, Soffel

Diego Muniz said...

I'm sad about it. We don't celebrate valentine's day in Brazil, but I know the date and really used to like it.
But i've broken up a 2 year relationship in which we were engaged. And it happened last week. I guess if I listen to the playlist now, it1ll now be so cool.

But I'm fine, and I'm about to overcome this situation!

Xo, dear!

Meghan H. said...

Hi Anette, hope you have a lovely Valentine's day ;)

I'm still single, and hoping to find a girlfriend soon enough haha, unfortunately it's a pain in the arse being gay in a small town, and I only came out of the closet at the end of last year (to my amazingly supportive family and friends, but hopefully soon enough I won't be single and complaining about it heaps haha :)

Have a lovely day Nettie, I hope Johan spoils you tomorrow :p

Betty Blue said...

Hey there!
Urgh. Valentine´s. Horrible...
Today someone suggested that my best friend should give me something for Valentine´s but since he and me promised each other NEVER to do so I hope he won´t, there´s enough rumors about us being a couple anyway.
I wish you and your family a great day!

Nalon said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful music, Anette:)!

Today a dream come true.
I see the Imaginaerum-Movie in Germany. On the 18th of March in a real cinema.
Then i see the evil-Snow White >:D.

Enjoy your Day.

I have my finnish lesson again;). So a happy day again.


July said...

I have to say that I'm waiting for the love of my life! but I like pass Valentine's day with my friends and dreaming about love hahahaha =)

Watch these dresses, they are perfect for Valentine's day: I like the pink dress with black boots, and you?

I really liked the playlist, specially Almaz, I love Almaz.Thanks for the playlist!

Have a nice nice day! :)

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, I hope everything is ok :)
Thank you for sharing the songs and the lovely pics on Instagram.
Lovely flowers :) Yes, I do feel that love is in the air..And I think people should love each other every day..not just on valentine's day. For me, love is the dance of two souls like one :)
Wish you a lovely day

Ena :*

Serena said...

Hey I love your playlist! I'ts great! We have similar taste! Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Hi, Anette!

I hate this day, specially now because I met someone 2 weeks ago and he broke my heart :(
We spent 4 days together and he made feel special, but he only played with me. He has a girlfriend and he didn't told me... plus, he lives in another country... and can't stop thinking about him. I haven't feel this way for years, yes, years!!

But I'm going out with my friends tomorrow, and I want to be happy and be with people that appreciates me. Plus, I am glad for them, I am glad for you. Have a great day with Johan and your family. It makes me happy to see that people can actually find someone, that special person, it gives me hope...

Happy Valentine's Day, Anette!!

Dalma said...

I’ve been in love many times but never told anyone. For me love does not exist in real life only in my imagination. You know, it’s quite hard when everyone you fall in love with, has just nothing to do with you and your gender. So I don’t really like this day but I’ll check out your playlist. =)

I’m sorry for tiring you with this but it’s in me and I have to tell someone.

I was watching my daily Rapport and Aktuellt videos yesterday when I suddenly saw that there’s an article about Hungary. =) It has never happened since I’ve been watching them.

Actually, not a good topic to show to Sweden but well, at least you can hear about us. =)

Students are demonstrating because of the student contract, which we had to sign. Shortly it says that if we have good marks and so choose to learn free, we have to stay and work at home for many years otherwise we have to pay the fee back. Moreover many students don’t have this option because there are stricter requirements now and so they have to pay whatever happens.

Fortunately, I had and have good marks so I don’t have to pay. Now. But since I want to go abroad I’ll have to pay millions of Forints when I get my degree. I’d stay at home because I love my country but it’s simply impossible. I would starve to death holding my degree in my hands...

Anyway, I don’t think students are totally right. Meanwhile they’re demonstrating I’m studying hard to deserve my scholarship… They should do that, too. I know that many graduated students go abroad and the state just tries to protect its clever people but this is not the good method for that. Paying the fee or not we have to leave and will do so because there’s no chances for us here.

All in all, I’m happy with this. I take it as an adventure. =) I just love going abroad, meeting foreign people and learning about their culture and language. =) Months ago I told you about my dream and now you know what is behind it.


Yanna said...

I'm going to be alone again for Vaentine's day. >o<
But I still love that day !

I'm going to give some flowers to my firend... If I can't celebrate love, I will celebrate friendship !

Have a lovely day !

Unknown said...

I don't like Valentines day :( I have nobody with whom I can spend that day.!
Anyway, maybe soon, soon... LOL
And I hope we can have soon some of your own songs on our playlists! =)
While, I can say I enjoy with Slow Love Slow and The Heart Asks Pleasure First... Promises by Megadeth, Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith, Through the Trees (from the Jennifer's Body Soundtrack) and Sound Good To Me by Annihilator.
Happy Valentine's, Nettie! Cheers =D

Unknown said...

Hi again sweet Anette,

Reading these comments i feel like being a really lucky person since i've been in love for some years with a wonderful person.

One nice detail is that we met while we were waiting for a show with Finnish musicians and a great Swedish vocalist. In a way, "thanks to you", i had the good luck to see a really really nice show (one of the bests in my life), and to meet my everyday ray of sunshine.

To other people, please don't give up, love may be hard to find, but when you have it you know it was so worth waiting for.

Enjoy your Valentine's day with your three (maybe four ;) ) men.