Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Drömljus - Dream lights

Good evening all;=)

Earlier tonight I took Seth and Nemo and walked around the city to check out the BIG light festival the city is arranging for us this week. My two boys were a bit tired so we just did 1/3rd of the stuff today, so will go again another evening again to check the rest.

But here´s some photos for you:

In one back yard close to our house, they had made this wonderful light installation with a big lamp and soap bubbles floating around. Nemo loved it and didn´t wanna leave;=)

Then in "Stadsparken" - our city park, they had lots of stuff going on. This tree filled with dresses hanging from it was lovely:

A photo taken towards our big library:

This tree is called the fairytale tree and is used all year around as a tree where the kids can choose different fairytales in a box and then you hear the story read by a nice female voice, while they can sit or run around the platforms around the tree. Today they had put knitted scarfs in the whole tree;=)

Next to the library this fountain is situated and today it was a kind of Valentine´s fountain. Lovely!

And all around in the park the trees were decorated nicely

Then in our big walking street in the southern parts of the city- Södergatan (southern street) they had decoreated the WHOLE street like there was a sky of stars above it. So nice!

And when walking back home again we found this BIG lamp;=) Cool!

I hope we can go out tomorrow again to get some more nice lights to look at;=)



Laetitianne said...

Woh! This is very beautiful! O_O

Anna said...

Wow! It's very beautiful! Sleep well dear Anette:)

Dalma said...

Before I read your post:

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Océane said...

Waouw thats look awesome! And I just love the "stars sky", lovely!!
Is it a tradition all over sweden or just in Helsinborg?
It does look so nice and give a Xmas feeling! :)

I wish I could see that for real! And the big lamp is just awesome!!

Ps : what about the PO box? I received one of your gifts days ago and the other one is about to be finished ;)

Wish you a very good night dearie, please have nice dreams :)

Love & Hugs

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello Anette. Beautiful pictures.
I've heard about this festival on TV. It's really cool.
If I'm not mistaken, some cities in the south of my country has something similar.
and oh, I'm addicted to Falling. haha
good night to you and your family
Jag älskar dig


Dark Queen said...

I had too a great week. In our city we celebrated carnival and I had a lot of fun. I spent most of this week with one person who is so special to me. We danced, jumped, walked, laughed and talked a lot. It's been a long time since I felt as good as I am now. this dear person will move this week again far away from home and I'll see her in May again :)
Anyway....for now it's all right even if I'm dead tired and I have lost my voice. hehe :) This is the "price to pay" if we dance all the nights in one week!
Good night dear! Sleep well you too ♥

Vicky ♡ said...

Very beautiful! :)
Haha, I love these dress-trees, they are really cool! :D
Good night and sleep well, dear Anette :)

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!!!!!

It's so beautiful.

I loved

raffaella brazil

Unknown said...

This is so cool in my country there's a similar tradition but we do it in december
I loove the "star sky" and the big lamp and the trees looks amazing I like the dresses in it
Have a nice night and sweet dreams

Olivia said...

This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing Anette!!

I wish we had a festival of lights like this in our city :) I love the starry sky and the big lamp!

May you have sweet dreams and an even sweeter Valentine's Day :)

shay said...

Wow.... thats so lovely.. i want to see in person one day....thats coming from me and i live in LAS VEGAS.. also a great city with lights......

saskia said...

This pictures are very beautiful!!
The dress tree is amazing, and the star sky too. this week are pre- exams and I am a bit stressed but soon is weekend and I can relax again.wish you a nice day!

Karin said...

Beautiful! I think it is so nice when the city make these kinds of things: a happening that everybody can enjoy, it is for free, and it certainly makes people happy :) The pic with the dress hanging from the tree is just amazing: both a little bit spooky, and so beautiful . And the big lamp, and the street with lamps all over it ... So nice! !
Thank you for giving a little bit of your city to us. It is always a joy to look at your photos

P.s. Saw your pic with the top with the angelwings on instagram, and you know what ; I ordered one:) There is something with angelwings.... I can't resist them ;)

Unknown said...

Happy Valentine!!

I'm still allone and I guess I will find the love of my life in Finland or Sweden. Because in holland everyone is just like: Nah. I don't like cutters. So keep searching!

I love the lights! Is that Seth in the red jacket?? Just guessing:P have a nice day!!

Ps: the woman who lives next to us is delivering a baby soon! Yey

linda said...
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linda said...

Hello my beautiful! I hoping you are well!!
Your photos are beautiful, I love the abre in fairy tales!!
You give me more desire to visit Sweden! :) Maybe this summer!
In France in December, we have the festival of lights in Lyon! I send you a little video so you can see

Kisses, Linda from France AND very very happy Valentine's day my dear !!!

Rebel said...

such a shame cities don't do things like that in my country, looks soo AMAZING

greetings from Poland

Unknown said...

What a lovely city Helsingborg! I like this fountain! So beautiful :-)
All these photos are wonderful! Thanks for the sharing with us ;)
Hugs ;)

Taaja said...

Wow.. it looks really nice! Magical :)