Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hi all and a very happy sunday to you;=)

I am in a "coma-mode" now and I guess it´s my low blood/iron value combined with being pregnant in the last weeks. So I can tell you that I sleep at least 12! hours every night and STILL I take a little nap in the evening...;=)

Hmm... it´s almost like being on tour actually. But then it was due to boredom and having nothing to do than to sleep. Here, at home, that´s not the case and I LONG for when I will be my own energetic "self" again and can take a nice RUN in the forest and be ENERGETIC all day;=)

So if I am not writing in here so much now it´s due to my "coma", so you know;=)

BUT I do upload photos to INSTAGRAM every day, it doesn´t take so much effort as blogging.

ENJOY this day and I hope you all have LOADS of energy!;=)


Karin said...

Well Anette, it is so good that you can sleep, and it is ok to be in a coma in your situation :) We understand you, and we also here can't wait for that little person in your belly to come out! It is so nice to follow you, and your pregnancy here in your blog. It is both fun , interesting, and it is starting to be quite exciting! Not many weeks left of that big belly of yours:)
And yes, I am following you on instagram!
Have a cozy and lazy sunday dear Anette.

Dalma said...

That's surely not a problem. I can understand you, I haven't written anything in my blog since November I think. =) I simply don't have energy for that. Just for me it's not a baby but the university. And beleive you're not the only one sleeping for 12 hours a day. =)

The only thing that annoys me is that I can't write to you on Instagram. But I always check out your photos so you can always add one to the number of likes. =)

I wish you some energy for today,

Vicky ♡ said...

Woah, the headline really shocked me! I thought something happened and someone is in a real coma. Seriously, please don't do it again! ;)
Despite never having been pregnant, I guess I know how you feel. On the one hand it really is relaxing, on the other hand it gets really boring after some time because one literally does nothing except sleeping - at least that's how I experience it ;)
It's totally fine that you don't blog as much as before (at least for me) :)
I hope you "wake up" soon again, though, so you can be yourself again ;)
Have a nice day, dear Anette :) ♥

Arianna said...

Hi Anette,
if you are in pregnant it's normal to be tired and in coma.

It's a pleasure for me to to follow you on instagram, it is another way to be in touch.

Have a relax and take care!

Have a nice sunday!

Big hugs

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I think it´s okay if you don´t blog so much at the moment. Everyone needs a break from time to time and due to the fact that you´re pregnant, it´s understandable that you might not have so many power at the moment :).

Me too, I´m not so energetic at the moment. Yesterday was a really, really bad day for me, I think the most bad day since a long time. Today it´s ok again, but yesterday something happened, I did something to myself I never wanted... maybe I´ll tell you later on about it, but I´m not sure yet if I want to tell it. But I feel that I can trust you and share the story with you, so let´s see.

And today I´m ill, so I´ll go to the doctor in half an hour and let´s see. I wish you a great rest-sunday and see you :).

Take always good care of yourself, please :).


Rosana said...

So that the baby will come soon to everything back to normal! haha (I think it will be a girl) :) Enjoy the day and take care

July said...

Oh Nettie, that's a little troublesome but also it's fine that you take it easy for a moment and sleep and rest for a while it's good enough for you and the baby.

And don't worry I think is better if you take a vacations of the blog for the moment. You just relax, sleep and eat well. =)

Moondance said...

At first headline really frightened me :D
Blogging every day is hard. Sometimes it's good to take a break ;) And it's Sunday! It must be like that :)
Love photos in Instagram :) And the last one, with spy glasses. It looks cute :)
Enjoy your Sunday! :)

Unknown said...

Omg i hope you are well and you deserve a rest no worries.
I understand the energic feeling I feel the same these days so tired I need to back to the energic days
Take care and reedy all you need so when the baby come you wont be tired
Hugs and kisses have a good day

eskoplja said...

The most important thing is that you are ok :)
And I hope the little one is also ok :)
Have a lovely day

Ena :*

Océane said...

Oh I was afraid when I read the title! Puh!

Hope you're not too bored if you have nothing to do! But always nice to have the opportunity to sleep long and have some nap. I woke up at 7:30 cause my mom needed me this morning and then I fell asleep from 12:00 to 5:30! What a nap!! Ahah! But its sunday right? Haha!

And i love your instagram! :) thats soooo nice of you to share photos with us and so sweet that your like our photos and answer to comment! Such an incredible woman :)

Take good care of you

Love and Hugs

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettan.
It's been a long time without writing you but I've been too busy and tired, working very hard and for I didn't go to the University again I have to study more and more and more. I never thought being a doctor would be so hard here, but that's okay, what comes easy, goes easy ;-).
I listened to your new demo called Falling and I just can say it's amazing! It's everything you are. Is a mix of metal and hard rock and it's amazing, I hope your whole album will be like that, it will sell like water =). Thank you for giving us this wonderful song.
I hope the next days you feel better, I can't say anything to you because it's normal in the end of pregnancy, but soon your baby will be on your arms and your energy will be back again =).

Have a magic week and sleep very well.

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

Hi anette, i was afraid when i read that you are in coma :(
i'm glad that you are ok.
I think it's ok if you sleep for hours jeje i mean you are pregnant you need to rest.

have a great week, take care

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

Nice to see you're okay. I was a bit surprised that you are not posting as often.

Now both of you are in the final sprint. You and the little miracle.
And I also look at Instagram always pure, what you've been hired.
Unfortunately, the application is only an ipone and I have none of.
IPhone so I would also have none of of it. Since I have only your blog. Although I would like to comment on some of your images.

Now I get hungry for Champions stuffed with spinach and cheese.

Recover Annette and get yourself pampered from your guys.


XxBriannaxX said...

Hehe about had a heart attack reading the title. ;-) sorry you are so sleepy and bored lately! I know the feeling,trust me. ;-) I hope you get lots of energy soon and I hope things are going great for you my sweet. Have a good day ! Xoxo

AlessandraWilderness said...

oh Nettie, when I red the title I thought..."what's happening??" and I was worried...but my brother said to me..."how can someone who's really in coma write? -.-" ahahhahah I'm stupid, I know xD xD so, reading the post I discovered what you meant! =) Nettie, it takes a little time and then you will acquire your energy again!!now sleep as much as you can and take care ^^ I've not an Instagram account but I've saved your one in my favourites so I can see the photos =) (even if you always leave a post on here for the photos on Instagram) have a good evening, a loooooooot of kisses to you and to the little baby inside of you ^^

Beatrix said...

Oh, I know anemia too well. :-S I took pills during my pregnancy so I managed to avoid it, but last January I got it and until it did not turn out I felt awful. I was dizzy all day and could not concentrate at all. Luckily now I am back to normal.
Rest as much as you can and soon it will be over! ;)

I got the flu and I feel so bad. I wish for spring to come and eliminate all these cruel viruses!

Take care and have a nice evening!