Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hi all;=)

Today has been a wonderful day where we have been out all 4 of us in the afternoon sun and even if it still is cold (+5 degrees) it´s so nice to feel the warm sun on my face;=)

We got some stuff for our home today and I´ll take some photos tomorrow cause now it´s just to dark. I also got some small stuff for the baby and we bought a little hanging mobile to have over the nursery, since the one we had for Nemo is broken;=( I´ll take a photo when we´ve put it up;=)

Tonight my best friend came over for some home made pizza and some lovely chocolate pralines from the nice chocolate store. She is Nemo´s god mother and he loves when she´s here. He drags her around the whole place and exhaust her, just as it should be for a dear god mother, hihi!

So there´s our day and photos will come tomorrow, I promise! Here´s one from my Instagram of one of the nice flowers I got today:

Sleep well and THANKS to Delain for posting a link to my blog in your Facebook;=) So sweet and kind of you and I hope I can meet you all in person one day.

Lots of hugs to you all!


Betty Blue said...

Sounds like a great godmother!
My godfather lives in Texas and doesn´t even know how old I am, much less when it´s my birthday. I don´t even get an e-mail to New Year or Xmas. Never.
Well, I get along without him. But I am so glad to hear that Nemo has a godmother to rely on! Seth too, I suppose?
Have a good evening!
Love, Betty

Dark Queen said...

Hi Anette :)
It looks that you had nice time today.
I was at work, then I rest a bit and then in the evening I met some friends. Nothing special, but still ok.
Now I have to fix some things and then finally I'll go to sleep.
Tomorrow I'll go in the city center to fix some boring things and look some shops. hehe :) Then I'll have lunch at my grandparents place. Gret thing. That mens that me an my sister will eat many good dishes.
Sleep well you too ♥

Unknown said...

Hallo Anette!
That sounds good,that you had a good day and meet your friend. The flowers are great.
My day was not so good. I'm ill and I had trouble with my man. I hate that. I feel not so good. I feel me so alone and lost from all. It is not a good feeling. The only thing I want is a big hug,nice words and a kiss from him. I hope tomorrow is all fine again. It is hard. I'm sure you know that. You feel bad and tiered because you are ill and so you want have rest and peace,watching a movie and cnuddel with your man. That is it what I miss at the moment. I hope I can sleep alone in my bed. :-( good night Anette and sleep well

Lina said...

Hello Anette and thank you for your kind words. You are so sweet and your posts always bring warmth to my days :-) Sleep well!!

SM said...

What does mean BFF?