Thursday, February 14, 2013

All my LOVE to you

Happy Valentine´s day to you ALL, my dear angels;=)

I want to thank EACH one of YOU for being here for me, for always sending me love, support and happy thoughts!

It´s so nice to have a blog where there´s so much LOVE going around and I thank you for that!

Now enjoy this Valentine´s day and remember - love comes in many different shapes and versions;=)


Unknown said...

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU SWEETHEART, we don't celebrate here in brasil but I hope that you and all of the people that comment here in this blog have a nice day full of nice things.. doesn't matter if you're someone's valentine or not!
take care sweet and good day to you and your boys!

Océane said...

Hi my dear and thanks for your nice words :)

How could it be possible to not love you?! You deserve all the best. You're such a sweet heart.
You give me so much happiness since 2007 so its normal to be here, support you and send you love :)

I wish you a wonderful valentines day and hope you'll be spoiled by Johan! Any plan? :)

Love and Hugs

Betty Blue said...

Happy Valentine to you all and thanks for being here!
Love, Betty

Bastet said...

Thanks to you dear for being there for us, sharing your everydaylife, thoughts and feelings. Always so sweet and lovely!

Happy Valentine's day!

Dark Queen said...

Hi Anette!
For me is a pleasure to write you when I can do it. And I agree with you, love comes in many different shapes and versions :)
Happy Valentines day to you too.
May God bless you ♥

Logan said...

thanks Anette, such a lovely messege :)

Anonymous said...

Normally I like Valentine's day but this year I hate it. My bf is in Germany for 2 days =(

Oh, almost forgot! Can u give me the address to send your gift to?

Enjoy your Valentine's day!

MM said...

Hello, my dear Nettie! Happy Valentine's Day to you! And remember: WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!
Kisses and hugs! :* :* <3

migi said...

hi dear anette ;) happy valentine's day to you and your loved ones. I also have to say thank you to you. For spending time wirh us here and let us be a part of your life. So many times your posts makes me smile and your kind words if you answered me made my day. You are like a sister i never had;). Not at least thank you for the beautiful music with nightwish and your soloprojects. I wish you a wonderful day and rhank you for being the qay you are.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I also want to wish you a very, very happy valentine´s day :). I hope you enjoy it with your family and make the most of it.

Your words touch me once again, and I think we are the ones who have to thank YOU - for being here for us, keeping your blog, giving us the chance to tell you our feelings, our thoughts and to contact you in this way. This is something not everyone would do and I appreciate it so much. The fact that I don´t write so much in your blog at the moment doesn´t change anything on that. This week I´m on holidays and when I work at the kindergarden it´s sometimes really stressful so when I come home I just relax and go to bed early. But I will write here again more often, I promise :). I don´t want you to think that I forgot it and I hope you are still happy of me having as one as your angels. Cause I want to be one of them :).

Take always good care of yourself please, Anette and have a very nice day!


Karin said...

Happy Valentine' s Day to you dear Anette! I want to thank you for being here, for being so kind, caring, lovely and down to earth. The best thing about this blog , that it has its own "atmosphere" , a special feeling about it . You share with us important issues, small beautiful thoughts, photos...
I think we all here think of you as a special friend !

In Finland we call this" Ystävänpäivä" . In swedish : "Vändagen" . And in english " Friendship Day" . So we celebrate friendship , and love of course :)

I am all alone this day: my children are with their father, and no romance....
I bought a heartshaped candle for myself , and maybe I will pour myself a glass of wine. I am so thankful for all my wonderful friends , so I feel blessed.

Have a happy day everyone!

Unknown said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Anette!!! I thank you very much for your kind words to us all :D I hope for you and the boys to have a beautiful Valentine's and get lots of hugs and kisses from each other!!

Have an amazingly beautiful day!!


Meghan H. said...

Happy Valentine's day Anette, hope you enjoy it with your loved ones ;)

I also have to say, you are just an absolute sweetheart, I have seen you write kind words to others, particularly Sabine Sharktale, and also some very kind words to me during some very difficult times. You are just amazing ;)

Have a great day xoxo

Unknown said...

Happy valentine's day!:) we have a valentine's day concert at school and I will play drums in song called We are the champions and piano in some English song... And my friend Milla sends greetings (she is your fan too).
So like we say in Finland: Hyvää ystävänpäivää... It means happy valentine's day:)

Unknown said...

Hi and happy Valentines day to you, the boys and the blog readers I wish you have a nice day full of love and positive messengers in this blog
Have a nice day with the ones that truly love you
Kisses and hugs

Unknown said...

Thanks that you are being here with us! Your blog helps me!
Happy Valentine´s day, dear Anette! ;-)
And thanks for you nice words!
A lot of love and hugs to you :-)

eskoplja said...

Happy Valentine's day to you too dear Nettie :)
Wish you a lovely time
And I want to thank you too for being here, for sharing your moments, thought with us :)
May your every day becomes full of love!
Big hugs

Ena :*

saskia said...

I have to thank YOU for all these warming words for us and all your caring.
I also love this blog and its so nice to read it. Whatever happen when I read your blog your positive 6thoughs warm my heart. And I got a lot funny reminds at this blog ( like being so happy when your answer, or getting so emotional when you tell us that you are pregnant)
Thank you for this blog!
love and hugs

Unknown said...

=) Have a good one mdear :3

Unknown said...

Happy Valnetines ^^ Hope your day is filled with chocolate and warm fuzzies. :3

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Happy Valentine's day to you, sweet Nettie, and thanks for your kind words. Your blog is really amazing, with so much love and support and friendship. It's wonderful that our thoughts and opinions are so important to you. You give us readers so much and it's fantastic that we can give it back to you.
I'm really not a big fan of Valentine's day and never celebrated it but I wish you and all the blog followers a nice and happy Valentine's day!

Much love,
Steffi <3

rrock'n roll child said...

Happy Valentines day :)!

rrock'n roll child said...

Happy Valentines day :)!

Unknown said...

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Kriszti said...

Thank you, happy Valentine's day to you too! I hope your day has been amazing and the little one inside of your belly has been calm xoxo

Anna said...

Happy Valentines day dear Anette!!! Thank you for staying with as so many years and give your kindness, love, inspiration and BIG support!!! May this day will be full of hugs, kisses for you:)))

Arianna said...

Happy Valentine's day to you Anette! Thanks to you for the sweet person you are! <3

They are so many years that i follow you in here and it's like a family for me.

Ps: i if you want you can follw me on instagram. I would really like that you being in my followers. My nicknale is: capricorna78

Big big hugs

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Have a nice & romantic day !
Kisses :*

Unknown said...

dear Anette, happy Valentine´s day ♥ thanks for your blog, you are GREAT person :-)
have a nice evening with your loved boys :-)
hugs, Radka
PS: nice playlist for this day...

Unknown said...

I love u too Anette:) Even tho I never met u in person.
I'm always happy to come to a blog with so much happiness and love.
Enjoy your day:)

~MidnightFairy~ said...

happy valentine's day! <3

Svanhildr said...

I wish you a happy Valentine's day, Anette! And I agree with you, I see this day as the celebration of Love in all its shapes and forms.
I hope you're spending a wonderful day with your loved ones :)
And thanks for your kind words!

Unknown said...

Happy valentine's day to you, Anette!!
I'll send a looooot of love to you.
Enjoy this day =)

And Thank you very much for this blog. I am always happy to read your post's.

Hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...

Sending you love on this Valentine's Day. Thank you soooo much for having this blog!!!


matotu said...

Thank you! I don´t celebrate Valentine, but it doesn´t matter. Love to you too.

matotu said...

Thank you! I don´t celebrate Valentine, but it doesn´t matter. Love to you too.

Dermot-James said...

Happy Valentines Day dear Anette! <3

FAQing Amazing said...

Thanks for all the music! Stay strong, we all love you too :)

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi Dear

Happy Valentine´s day for you too thanks ;)



Unknown said...

oh Annette you've made my day!
valentine's day always makes me feel lonely.
i'm thankful you treat your fans with love and respect.

much love

Yanna said...

Happy Valentine'day Anette !!
Hope it as a wobderful day =)

Love ♥

littlemimo said...

Hi and Happy Valentines evening Anette,
I was in a new place during this week so I have so much things to read, and also I have to listen your song on myspace.
Thank you for your words and supports

Unknown said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you've enjoyed your day!

July said...

Happy Valentine's day for you Anette and for all blog readers here!! =)

And yes, you have reason the love sometimes comes in differents ways and all of them are precious. I'm really happy for be one of your fans and blog readers, because you have a very nice personality and that is very special.

So, everyone: enjoy this life, this day and be happy!

Unknown said...

Thank YOU, Anette!! I love to read your blog and it always makes me happy. <3

Beatrix said...

Thank you Anette, and happy Valentine's to you, too! <3

Courtney said...

Happy valentines day Anette! :D
I hope you've had a great day filled with all the love your beautiful self deserves!
And thank you for having this blog, I always get so happy when I see a new post. I don't really comment much, but I make sure to check here at least every day.
Thank you for being so amazing ♥

XxBriannaxX said...

Happy Valentine's day my dear Anette. Lots of love and big hugs to you sweetheart.I love you and hope you have a great night with your family my angel!

AlessandraWilderness said...

Thank you for your sweet words... :') it's a pleasure for us to be here all together in this blog...and you fill us with happiness showing your love to us!! I think we can consider you as a friend, and I hope to meet you one day, who knows..!!Happy Valentine Day to you too, even if the day has ended...I hope you've spent beautiful moments today!! kisses, hugs and good night!!! :*********

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine´s day anette :)

Rosana said...

Happy Valentine day, today in my country is Friendship Day so we send kisses,hugs and love to all friends,almost like you are doing on this day:-) Enjoy your night my dear.

Katy Marie said...

Thank =), hope you had a wonderful V-day too.