Monday, March 23, 2015

Puh - finally that country week is over….

So finally that country week is over, puh and we move forward to opera. I didn't feel at all happy about tonights song, my performance and so on so I was really disappointed afterwards and still are and its very hard when you don't feel comfortable in the song they give you and so on. And I was sure I´d be sent home so a shock when I didn't. 

But I will fly home to Sweden some days cause my kids need me and I need my home so Suomi, see you again sunday! (if I get back again, who knows?) maybe Sweden kidnaps me and won't let me go back here again…haha!

Love and light from the non-country girl=)


Pascal said...

First of all – CONGRATS that you are still into the show! It shows that once more that you are an amazing artist.

So far I haven´t seen a video of your performance yesterday, but it seemed you weren´t so happy with it. Well, I can imagine that singing and dancing at the same time is difficult and of course it´s a pity if things didn´t go as good as you wished it, but hey... you see that the people liked it since they voted for you. I hope the performance will be soon on youtube and I can imagine that even when it didn´t feel perfect for you, you made the best out of it. And Anette, after all it´s not only important for us to discover what we like and can do, but also what doesn´t fit to us, so when you found out that performing country is not your thing, that´s also a useful experience.

And I´m really happy for you that you will see your family this week :). It will help you a lot and the time back home will surely be wonderful and I think that you also need this. It´s obvious and understandable that you are missing your family, so I think it´s a good decision to spend time now with them.

Love and light also back to you and when you feel sad, cheer up and SHINE. Anette, you are amazing! Always keep that in mind :).

Tommi said...

Dear Anette

You're my favorite in Tähdet Tähdet. It's sad to read that you do not feel good with competition or Finland. I understand that you have kids and you miss they so bad but remember one thing. We Finnish people support you and vote you week after week. You should be thankful of that. Do not deceives us voters. Hope you understand this what I mean.

Have a nice week with your family and a big best luck for the sunday. Hope that you continue because it's so lovely hear your amazing voice.