Saturday, March 21, 2015

4th week already=)

Hi all!

Wow, time flies and my 4th week as a Helsinki citizen is almost over=)

I´ve had a busy week and except from having been ill with sinus infection, been to the doctor and so on, I´ve made interviews, been a guest host in the fun radio show Succémorgon in Svenska YLE, been to a lovely party at Krista´s home and just had a great week!

Tomorrow its time for me to hit the stage and do Shania Twain´s song Man I feel like a woman and I´ll try and dance and sing at the same time which is damn hard! Puh! sooo nervous but promise to not laugh to much if I make a fool of myself=) haha!

And if you want to vote for me even from outside of Finland here´s how to do it in English and swedish! Next week is OPERA so would be fun to stay for another week if you want me too=)

Ok, so here´s how YOU can vote for me every day even from outside Finland so I win Tähdet Tähdet=) And since most of my fans are non-Finnish go and vote! Buy 100 votes and I´ll be super happy=) But any vote is ok of course!
So here´s how you do it:
Then you go down to my number which is ALWAYS number 7! Click on the words: Äänestä Anettea netissä. 
then click on how many votes you wanna buy.
Next page scroll down the scroll list and choose Luotto ja maksikuorti and then click the window that says: Hyväksyn sopimusehdot
then click Vahvista maksu
Next page, fill in your card number, expiration date and so on and when thats done: Hyväksy
This is quite easy and you can vote for me ANY day, not only today so already tomorrow for next week!
And remember: I need all votes since I am the outsider=)

Ok, hej alla svenskar och kära finlandssvenskar;
Såhär gör ni för att rösta på mig varje vecka:
Scrolla ner till nummer 7, som är mitt nummer varje vecka oavsett startordning=)
Klicka sedan där det står: Äänesta Anettea netissä och klicka på hur många röster du vill köpa.
På nästa sida scrollar du ner i rullisten och väljer Luotto ja maksikuorti och klicka efter det på fönstret som säger: Hyväksyn sopimusehdot
Klicka sedan på Vahvista maksu
På nästa sida fyller du i din kortinfo och när detta är gjort klickar du på: Hyväksy

Man kan rösta hur många ggr man vill, hela veckan, alltså inte bara på söndagarna och jag är SÅ tacksam för VARJE röst!
Heja heja!

And here´s some photos from this week:

 From our rehearsal being the all time cowgirl=)

Love my morning sunrises in the apartment here=) Lovely!

Being the guest radio host in fun show Succémorgon where I just made up all sorts of crazy stories=)

Me, Janne and Fredrica from the morning show=) Great fun people!

From a big article in Seiska magazine with me and Johan=)

Party ready yesterday going to Kristas place for a party=) Fun!

Me, songwriter Kristofer and Krista=) Me and krille is gonna write the next big hit together=) hep hep!

In the damn cold weather waiting for Elina from ILTALEHTI for a big interview coming out next week=)

Me and Elina after the nice interview=)

And my living room table here, had to get some candles and flowers to feel more at home and it helped!

Love and light and please vote if you like my number tomorrow=)


Unknown said...

Anette... Man! I Feel Like a Woman... show!!!!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It seems you really had a great week and I followed it on your instagram. It´s really nice that you can enjoy your time in Helsinki. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures :).

And for today, I wish you again all, all the best of luck! I still don´t have my card and haven´t found someone so far who could help me as a conciliator, but I´ll try on and hope the best. But in any case I´m sure you will do great again today and I wish you that you can stay in the show.Have lots of fun today and good, good luck!

Love and hugs back to you and I´ll send you positive thoughts for today!

TheDeadUnicorn said...

You look so happy,and so many things are happening!!I'm glad you seem to be having a great time.

Henk said...

Shining smile, as always:)
Good luck in the next round!