Monday, March 02, 2015

If you live outside of Finland and want to support me and vote for me in TÄHDET TÄHDET

Here´s the page where you can pay with VISA for several votes and make me go further in the competition=)

I will post this link and my starting number this sunday so you can go and VOTE=)

This week its time for PUNK theme and I believe you will have a great fun show cause we all go ALL in=) I will give it my all for sure=)

And the coming weeks will bring you Finnish theme, country, opera, duets, musicals and more so if you wanna hear me interpret these themes, you have to vote for me every sunday=)

Hep Hep!

1 comment:

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Wow, so many new things in here! And nice ones, as I wanted to vote for you, but thought I couldn´t due to not living in Finland. So great that there is this opportunity :).

I will definietely vote for you so that you can go on and for now I´m looking forward to the punk theme. I´m sure you will rock it again and give a great performance.

Hep Hep and SHINE :).