Thursday, March 26, 2015

Opera and opera and some more opera=)

Hi all,

I can't with words tell you how much I love being at home=) The saying is so true that no matter if its nice to be away, the best place is at home!

And I am now fully concentrated on opera this week and its by far the best week in my opinion! Even if its scary to sing opera when not being an opera singer its so fun to try and do it! And after my lesson with opera manager Lilly I have decided to start and take singing lessons again for fun. Its just so amazing to learn more and get an input on the classical voice and I haven't had those kinda lessons since I was 22 years so 20 years ago=) But never to late to learn more as a singer!

While being at home I am also going to interviews for a summer job since I need to earn money in the summer  and I need to get Mio some gifts for his b-day tomorrow and bake a cake! So lots of opera practice and also some mother stuff to do while home=)

Love and light!


Unknown said...

On Facebook you mentioned you were suggested a Dante song, can you be more specific? I'm a classical music student and Dante doesn't say anything. :)

linnea-maria said...

Det är bra att du postar dina blogginlägg på instagram också för jag har inte varit särskilt duktig bloggläsare. Vad roligt du verkar ha på Tähdet tähdet.

Dark Queen said...

Hej Anette. I'm waiting to hear your opera performance:-) I have a question for you. Where can we find your country performance? I tried to find it on youtube but they haven't uploadet it yet :-(