Friday, March 13, 2015

On sunday its the finnish theme week=)

Hi all and hello from Helsinki=)

My 3rd week here in the beautiful but a bit cold Helsinki in Finland and I must say me and the boys have come to peace here and learned so much about Helsinki. Johan has been to every single playground in the whole city and I´ve taken every single tram ride there is=) 

So now I feel more at home here and am so happy that I was voted to stay one more week here, since the song I´m performing on sunday is one of the most beautiful I´ve heard or sung ever. 

Its called Myrskyluoden Majja and is a love story about Majja and Janne who live in the archipelago of Finland. I am so honored and happy to sing this song and since its Johan´s mothers all time favourite I´ll  sing it on sunday and hope she loves it=)

IF I move forward to the coming weeks, next week is a great country week and I have a great funny song AND then the week after its finally the OPERA week!

So if you want to hear me do those genres (the opera song is such a pretty one), vote for me on sunday=)

Love and light,


Unknown said...

eu vovtarei

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Helsinki is a really nice city and I remember I also visited the building in the first picture when I was there :).

And as I said, I would so love to vote, but at the bank they had no earlier appointment for ordering the credit card than on monday. It´s a pity and so it´s difficult for tomorrow unless there is another possibility to somehow buy votes. I will see if there is one, if not I can only send you positive thoughts tomorrow. It´s sad because I want to support you on the contest and I wish I could do more at the moment. But I´ll think positive and hope the best that you can stay. And then I´ll order the card right on monday, so that I hopefully recieve it during the week. Then I can start voting like there´s no tomorrow for the next sunday :).

I wish you all, all good luck for tomorrow and I keep my fingers crossed!

And the song, the duet „Apart and astray“, wow – it´s really magnificient! I never heard from the band Black Mount Rise before, but it´s a really great song in that you sound wonderful. I love it :).

Love and light back to you Anette and please take always good care :).