Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tonights TÄHDET TÄHDET starts a bit later at 19.30 Finnish time

So if u wanna check me sing some nice opera head over to the site=)

And to vote outside Finland check my previous posts in here or in my Facebook:

The queen of f-cking everything is in da house=) Hep hep!


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I know you will be amazing when you sing opera and I´m looking forward to videos of it. I wish you all, all the best of luck and will send you positive thoughts :).

Hep Hep!! Lots of love, light and hugs to you Anette, good, good luck and I´m sure you will do great!

Harrawrson said...

So cool to hear what you've been working on! I can't wait to hear more as you keep learning new things :)

I heard you didn't make it, but I'm glad you got to show off your hard work this week and now you get to be home and done with the show. On to greater things! :D